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Happy 6th birthday, Ovi!
by Asa Butcher
2010-12-20 08:52:12
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Admittedly, I have been a wayward father to young Ovi over the past year, but that is not to say my interest in his growth has diminished. My name may not regularly appear among the four daily contributions hitting the front page each morning, but I am there, hovering in the background and often popping up in the inbox of our contributors.

Thanos is not only responsible for the original concept of Ovi magazine, but this formidable Greek God has ensured that Ovi hasn't skived off from its duty of supplying new material for our growing number of readers and has worked tirelessly to publish the contributions from our team of dedicated volunteers. After his first cigarette and coffee of the morning, Thanos picks out the selection for the day and serves it to the baying masses.

Ovi doesn't need my paternal hand resting upon its shoulder when it is happy riding on Thanos's shoulders to school every morning, holding his hand when crossing the road, being comforted when hurt, being bathed before bedtime... have I gone too far? Perhaps. It is thanks to Thanos's dedication throughout 2010 that Ovi has continued its march towards 2011 and hasn't fallen by the wayside, which could have happened had I been on watch.

This brief editorial is actually more of a thank you to Thanos. It is a thank you for his patience and friendship over the past year both of which have been sincerely appreciated.

I don't want to waffle on, so I shall conclude with another thank you for the continuing contributions from our dedicated team of voluntary writers, poets, cartoonists, artists and general Ovi fans. Thanks to you all and here's to year seven... will it be a lucky one?

Happy 6th birthday, Ovi!

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