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The North Korean time machine
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-11-28 10:00:27
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While in Ireland people dispirit demonstrate against their new imprisonment by the IMF and the whole of Europe feels the new tremors of the financial crisis and in USA the American president tries to heal his all-around wounds including his latest twelve stitches in the other side of the world, in the Korean peninsula some play war games with real victims and a strange static time machine.

I used the words ‘time machine’ because there is no other way to describe what’s going on in North Korea and if there weren’t human lives in danger, the risk of seen missiles and nuclear flying and the whole world getting in a lethal mess it could have been fascinating and worth to study in many ways. North Korea is a totally schizophrenic state; he country lives in parts somewhere between the 18th and 19th century, while the regime that rules the country is somewhere between 1950s and 1960s in a region that balances between the 20th and the 21st century. The same time there is a small elite that is dreaming to make the country a nuclear and military power of the 21st century – successfully apparently – and that while the country survives foodwise thanks to the international help and all that despite the fact that they have manage to insult minors one every single country in the world diplomatically isolating themselves.

And don’t forget the ideological side; the North Korean regime is communist Maoist and Leninist with strong elements of heritable monarchy and Dark Age’s dictators the short of that would make Machiavelli eat his book!  Financially – minimum exports, mainly imports – depends from China covered and excused from a fogy ideological connection that only North Korea and China can understand.

China, North Korea’s only ally, seems to have a lot of similar problems lately creating a heavy weight to her renewed foreign policy and financial war that already is going on in the background with America and Europe. And in China’s case it is like the old saying, show me your friends to tell you who you are and with friends like the regimes of Myanmar and North Korea you don’t need enemies!

But let’s go back to North Korea, following the regime’s tradition and the heritable monarchy elements in the ideology Pyongyang soon will have a new leader to replace the ill leader which apparently is the father of the candidate – he also replaced his father when he died. A man who although had a western education with the little information that comes out of the secretive state carries all the symptoms of the north Korean leadership the last fifty years including strong persecution mania, inferiority complex and schizophrenia not to forget traces of psychotic behaviour. And this man – very young in age – is going to be in power ruling an army that includes 3,500 tanks, 63 submarines and 390 airplanes plus over a million active soldiers in uniform. You would never characterise this list as a defensive force.

Just think, this man is taking over a country that has only problems and he will have one chance to prove who he is or better after fifty years he has the chance and the excuses however stupid they might sound – even of them been tired waiting and preparing for the “capitalist’s invasion” – to act and in a suicide effect – going against the rest of the world and gabling that China might help is a suicide act – he’s striking the combination of South Korean and American forces. And of course here we are talking about thousands of human lives and if the threat is true regarding the nuclear we are talking about millions of lives otherwise I can imagine hundreds of psychologists and psychiatrists who would love to have a look at him and base their academic future studding him. The same comes to the whole country, this schizophrenic situation with the people starving and the same time proudly parading on the leader’s birthday can make books fro sociologists and scholars.

And it is looking at North Korea like watching a time machine that balances between deferent and often distance time periods standing in the same place! Perhaps this time machine in the North Korean biggest discovery and instead of wasting their time with the nuclear bombs they should focus more to that.

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