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Danish report Danish report
by Euro Reporter
2010-11-27 09:12:12
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Toxic waste cargo ship 'failed safety inspection'

The Maritime Union of Australia is concerned about workers loading toxic waste from the Orica plant onto a ship bound for Denmark. The ship, Beluga Fascination, currently off the New South Wales coast, is preparing to take up to 3,000 tonnes of the waste from Sydney to the Danish port of Nyborg. But Australian Toxic Network spokeswoman Mariann Lloyd-Smith says the ship failed a safety inspection in China this year.

She says Danish dock workers are also worried about the shipment. "Last Friday the Danish dock workers, with support from both Swedish and Norwegian dock workers and other transport workers throughout Europe, have said that they will not under any circumstance participate in the unloading or handling of this shipment," she said. "So I think that clearly places this shipment in doubt."

Ms Lloyd-Smith has called on Environment Minister Tony Burke to revoke the export licence for the waste. She says the chemical waste should be destroyed in Australia instead. "Environmental organisations across the world have all warned of the risks of a major environmental disaster if something goes wrong on this 20,000 kilometre journey," she said. "This is most inappropriate to be sending this sort of waste, which is probably one of the most toxic substances ever produced, all this way to Denmark."


Denmark people receptive to Hinduism

"Danes have been receptive to Hinduism", according to Danish Pluralism Project study launched by Faculty of Theology of University of Aarhus in Denmark. "One example is yoga, which is a complex system of exercises designated as a disciplinary process of the ego, and in a wider perspective the reunion of the self and the universe. Especially, the physical exercises of yoga have won approval among the Danes...” it adds.

This Project was to document the growing religious diversity through mapping, analyzing, and interpreting the religious pluralism in Denmark. Faculty of Theology Dean is Carsten Riis, while Pluralism Project Director is Viggo Mortensen. Welcoming the interest in Hinduism and yoga in Denmark, prominent Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, stressed the need for separation of church and state in Denmark, where currently Evangelical Lutheran Church of Denmark (Folkekirken) is a state church officially supported by government and headed by the Queen.

Zed, who is President of Universal Society of Hinduism, argued that institution of state church breached the equality of religions and the fundamentals of a secular nation. Moreover, separation might bring more independence in the decision-making process of the Church also, without any day-to-day government/legislative interference. Rajan Zed further said that Denmark, a culturally diverse society, besides various Christian denominations, had now a considerable population of Muslims, Buddhists, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs, non-believers, etc. There were reportedly about 12, 000 Hindus and five Hindu temples in Denmark.

Denmark is rated among nations with best quality of life, highest per capita income, and low unemployment. Its literacy rate is 100 percent and its hydrocarbon-rich economy is reported to be booming.


Discussion of foreigners in Denmark more liberal

Recent opinion polls show that an increasing number of Danes reject the government’s plans for tighter laws concerning foreigners. Neither the conservative governing party’s “point system” for foreigners nor the proposals of the leftist opposition are finding support among the country’s population, comments the social-democratic daily Politiken with satisfaction:

“At last all the tactics are coming to nothing and the liberal voices can once more be heard. While the head of the Social Democratic Party Helle Thorning-Schmidt and the chairman of the Dansk Folkeparti Pia Kjærsgaard spend their time discussing what it means to be Danish and the value policy of the past, the voters are heading off in a new direction.

This voter rebellion will allow the parties to go back to differing in their points of view and create space for politicians to talk about positions again – in contrast to the tactical masquerading of recent years. The mood may change, but this wave of protest from the sea of voters can no longer be stemmed.”

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