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Sightings of Bigfoot
by David Barger
2010-12-06 08:46:22
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My feet leave behind bear imprints
From the strange resting of each heel,
And the toenails are always long
Since reaching for them is a lingering thought
That is why many have believed in sightings of Bigfoot
Near the bike trail of North Lewisburg,
Or the fact that I am naked
Running between trees
Covered in wood sap and pine needles!
I drink from the flowing creek
With ass in the air without the need
Of a full moon during daylight savings time;
Only afraid of a lone coyote howl -
With a light bulb clicking on in my head -
Knowing how coyotes are such queer roaming faggots.
I scribble a poem into the creek bed,
And leave an exclamation point of turtle shit
For all in the hunt to wonder and wander aimlessly!

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Thanos2010-12-07 01:24:58
Insightful! :)

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