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The Passionate Bi-polar to His Love
by David Barger
2010-11-30 10:02:32
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Come peer inside my brain;
Notice some spare parts remain.
The kindest words for you I say
Upon this warmest time of day.

Now what the hell is deep within
With your breast on top my chin?
Some may call this act a whore,
But me, my love, just wants more!

And tell me now what do you think
With makeup smeared down my cheek?
A bed of thorns I share with you
O’ horny bitch with eyes of blue.

A touch of words what have you said?
Has Tiger Woods been in my bed?
A hole-in-one or triple bogey?
I’ll hack apart his mixed bologna!

A Santa Claus on Nemo’s reef,
Or pigs that fart with wooden
And if spare parts in some way
Come tuck them deep inside my

The mood swings never disappear;
My cut out heart please do not fear.
If some spare parts do remain
Come peer again inside my brain.

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