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Layers Revealed
by David Barger
2010-11-27 09:11:48
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Peel back the vines
Attached to my head;
Peel back white onion
Where tears were once shed.

Peel back the skin
With worms hiding beneath;
Peel back the toothpaste
That sparkles brown teeth.

Peel back the label
Reading chicken broth;
Peel back color
Stained on each cloth.

Peel back the fibers
Which bind of a rope;
Peel back all layers
That conceal false hope.

Flopping around
Twisted within outer shield;
Tossed like last breath
When all is revealed.

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Jack2010-11-27 20:11:00

David, this is a superb look into the human being that many of us can identify with. The thing with poetry is that we can all apply it personally and to our particular situations in life. My compliments for this gifted and inspirational piece of poetry that is like a work of art that simply goes off the canvass.

David Barger2010-11-29 12:08:30
Thanks Jack, the compliment is greatly appreciated!

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