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Merkel's armies of accountants' invaders
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-11-18 09:30:42
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Usually these days I write an article about the events of the Polytechnic in Athens that has so strongly marked even my own life. Well this year I’m forced to write about the ideals that led to that uprising and against a group of ruthless dictators who had for nearly seven years then tortured, raped and murdered the poor country.

The Greek dictators like most dictators had a series of mottos to base at least ideologically their crime. They were asking for discipline, order, abeyance to authority and in exchange they were giving the hope of a “secure future”. Now when it comes to dictators this “secure future” translates in many ways. But the people wanted something more; something that can guard their future and that was freedom, democracy, equality and they asked for that with the slogan, “bread, education, and freedom” As a result tens died the days around the 17th of November 1973. Hundreds suffered for the months that followed but thousands felt hope that even the worst dictatorship can not beat democracy even if that means sacrifices in human lives.

Today we live another kind of dictatorship in the name of a “secure future” and this time the starting point of that dictatorship is a country that unfortunately carries a lot of dark memories for the rest of Europe. And the mark and cover for this dictatorship is finance and just like the dictators of the past has the alliance and help from internal and external allies with very personal agendas.

When the European Union started and for the last forty years one thing has been the focus of its leadership mainly including the European parliament; that this is Europe of the people and the Union is there to protect and serve the European citizens. Unfortunately the Europe of the people has become the Europe of the numbers and in the name of a “secure future” the European citizens fall into the demand of discipline without questioning, order as planned – and understood - from the few and most of all of abeyance to the authority of the powerful where in this case the powerful is Angela Merkel’s Germany.

According to Mrs. Merkel everybody in the German leadership before her made idiotic mistakes – emphasizing the acceptance of Greece to the Euro-zone – and the Union should have an inner cycle that should be able to control things – always in the name of “secure future” – with the rest of the countries living and acting as obedience satellites. According to Mrs. Merkel even basic national rights should be dismissed when a country’s economy upsets the German bankers and industrialists. According Mr. Merkel only the powerful should be able to take decisions and in extent survive. I’m sorry if that sounds prejudice but Mrs. Merkel sounds just like somebody else with the same nationality, similar ideas and a little moustache! I suppose the moustache makes the difference.

And she has started working on the plan even using – just like her ancestor – using Austria to do the dirty job in the beginning dividing the strikes and the pressure. Using the German banks and industries as the pick of a spear she creates an economic Reich that if not stopped soon is not only to create a European nightmarish reality but is going to create a global uprising – economy, misery and poverty are definitely the only things that have long marked globalization – that inevitably will lead to war. And all the students of history know well that the roots of every war including the two world wars of the last century had their roots in finance using people as mule instruments.

The events and the outcome of the Athens Polytechnic show that there is hope and that democracy in the end prevails but having learned the lessons of two world wars in our recent past and knowing the truth behind the excuses that coasted millions of human lives and left continents in ruins we should do something now we still have the chance. And what is going on with Ireland this moment, the pressure the country is getting directly or indirectly for her own good and “secure future” should stop with the European Union’s interference; the European Union that is there to protect and serve the European citizens and not the European Union of the numbers and Mrs. Merkel’s armies of accountants’ invaders.

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