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If Anyone Is Thirsty - The Woroniecki Family's Story If Anyone Is Thirsty - The Woroniecki Family's Story
by Jack Wellman
2010-11-17 10:11:37
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My passion is for evangelism and we plan to take it to the malls this next weekend.  To share the Gospel with those who don’t yet know the Savior. But the Woroniecki family takes it to the world and to the streets of the nations.  There are fewer families that are more compassionate about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ than this family who travels the world at their own expense, spending their entire lifetimes to seek those who are lost.  This family has an amazing passion for sharing God’s great love, and finding those who thirst for the truth, the life, and the way.

Check out their most recent work on you tube.  Or visit their website to see a refreshing approach to evangelizing the lost. You’ll get hooked on their enthusiasm, zest, and passion for life…the eternal life that comes from knowing Jesus Christ. 

They would ask you: Are you willing to look deeper, beyond it all? Please give us a chance to help you. It will be well worth your time.  What we offer you is not a new group, “church”, formulas, self exaltation or doctrines. What we offer you is the love of the living Jesus who has the answers that you are looking for.

The Woroniecki family others the Living Water that refreshes for life…life from above.  They have no policies, no procedures, no doctrinal trainings, no theological teachings, no Bible-thumping preaching.  They offer a rejuvenating love for sharing the greatest gift that humans have ever been given. The blood of Jesus Christ, spilled for any who would come and believe in Him.  No slogans, no pitches, no sayings, just a clear and concise dousing of the Living Water that will never run out.  It will leave you refreshed for eternity.

As a street evangelist myself, I so appreciate their unique way of drawing people to the message of the Master.  The way they present their message is unlike any I have ever encountered. It is infectious. It is contagious. It is inspiring. And it is the Gospel. The Great Commission lived out by a family that takes the imperative command to “GO!” (Matt.28:18-20/Acts1:8). And “GO!” they do.

If anyone is thirsty…they give eternal quenching from the well that never runs dry.  The Living Water of Jesus Christ.  Visit their website or their latest You Tube presentation and see what you are missing.  I thank God for them.  I would hope to be as passionate and bold as they are in sharing the Gospel.  I will pray for and ask God’s blessing and protection of the Woroniecki family, and I hope you will too…because they are going into all the world. In fact they are turning the world upside down.  And the world will never be the same.

For more on this evangelistic family, visit these links:



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Tom A.2010-12-04 23:37:04
Michael Woroniecki, the father of this family, was noted in two books: Are You Alone? by Suzanne O'Malley and "Breaking Point" by Suzy Spencer as having negatively influenced Andrea Yates, the psychotically depressed woman from Houston Texas who in 2001 killed her 5 children by drowning them in a tub. Please check "Apologetics Index" online for more information and news articles and "The Rick A. Ross Institute" for other news articles collected on this man.

Joshua Woroniecki2011-09-19 12:07:56
"Tom A." Spends his life roaming the internet to say evil things about my father, Michael Woroniecki. None of them are true. You can visit the website (www.ifanyoneisthirsty.com , michaelworoniecki.com or michaelpeterworoniecki.com) for more information and an explanation bout the Yates events. You can read the wikipedia article or you can simple meet us. We are constantly at major events, Universities and Cities around the globe. The Rick Ross "Institute" is one guy who is close friends with "Tom A" who writes a website about cults. He simply uses Woroniecki's name to get more hit's on his site... The issue at hand is just what the article says: Living water and Jesus, the Son of God.

Berean Veritas2012-01-19 16:51:07
I am quite amazed that Joshua Woroniecki so categorically denies everything Rick Ross, Tom A. or any other person says who even gently criticizes what Mr. Woroniecki preached or did. An unwillingness to examine one's own heart and accept rebuke is most telling.

Brigid2012-03-29 18:27:56
I have been praying for Joshua for several years now. I hope someday to hear that he has been converted. The family (to me) seems to be the center of a whirlwind, but very isolated and far from grace. God's mercy is new every morning and there is always hope.

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