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Lithuanian report Lithuanian report
by Euro Reporter
2010-11-15 09:44:03
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Lithuanian president calls Lukashenka guarantor of Belarus' stability, independence

Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite said that Alyaksandr Lukashenka's victory in December's presidential election would safeguard stability and limit Russian influence in Belarus, Reuters reported with reference to EU diplomatic sources. "Lukashenka is the guarantor of the economic and political stability of Belarus and of its independence. We [Lithuania] would not like to see a second Russia as our neighbour," Ms. Grybauskaite was quoted as saying.

The Lithuanian president made the remarks at her meeting with EU ambassadors in Vilnius earlier this month.  Ms. Grybauskaite stressed that the Belarusian opposition had no chances of unseating Mr. Lukashenka in the election. "Lukashenka could win by 99 percent, but he will only win by 75 percent to please the EU," she was quoted as saying.

The Lithuanian president visited Minsk on October 20, discussing cooperation in the energy sphere with Mr. Lukashenka. Some political analysts described her visit to Minsk just two months before the election as a demonstration of support for Mr. Lukashenka.


Lithuania to select investors

Lithuania is examining the bids for strategic investment in its planned new nuclear power plant. A majority stake could be available to a power firm able to realise the project. Without revealing the bidders, the Lithuanian Ministry of Energy confirmed yesterday that it is starting to analyse the "binding proposals of strategic investors." At the same time "regional partners" have also submitted proposals for their participation.
The goal of the project is to construct a new nuclear power plant called Visaginas alongside the shut down Ignalina plant that formerly supplied about 70% of the country's power. With one or two large reactors and cooling from either a lake, cooling towers or a mixture of both, it could provide up to 3600 MWe, according to the environmental impact assessment. While restoring nuclear as a major part of the regional energy mix, it should also vastly reduce the Baltic States' (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia) reliance on Russia for energy supplies.
Earlier in the project, Lativa and Estonia were strong supporters and expected to take equal stakes with Lithuania. Poland became involved for a time but has since opted to begin its own nuclear power program instead. A holding company called Lithuanian Electricity Organization (LEO LT) was formed to manage these multiple interests but this was dissolved at the end of 2009 leaving Lithuania with the task of rebuilding a new team of investors. The project company for the development is Visaginas Atomic Energy (VAE).


Lithuanian Opposition Seeks Early Elections Because Parliament in `Crisis'

Lithuania’s opposition Labor Party said it is collecting lawmakers’ signatures to call early elections after the Seimas, or parliament, failed to eject a member who violated the Constitution. “It’s obvious that the Seimas is in a crisis,” Vytautas Gapsys, head of the Labor group in parliament, said today in a statement. “Such a parliament as we have now cannot continue working.”

Parliament yesterday fell short of approving a resolution to remove lawmaker Aleksandr Sacharuk after the Constitutional Court ruled he broke the law by voting in place of an absent colleague. To dissolve parliament, 85 members of the 141-seat legislature must support the initiative.

The opposition is unlikely to gather the needed 85 votes, said Parliamentary Chairman Irena Degutiene, the Baltic News Service reported today.

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