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Pinter's "The Dumb Waiter" in Helsinki
by The Ovi Team
2010-10-14 08:46:47
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Tonight is the opening performance of “The Dumb Waiter”, a one-act play written in 1957 by Nobel Laureate Harold Pinter and is the début production of Helsinki Fringe, a new International Theatre Company based in Finland. The play will be performed in English every day (except Sundays and Wednesdays) until Saturday 30th October.

The one-hour play follows two hit-men, Ben and Gus, who are waiting for their assignment in a basement room. Gus, the younger of the two is edgy and finds it hard to be quiet while Ben tries not to let his colleague's behaviour affect his professionalism. As the two men wait for a message from their employer, mysterious events start occurring that raise the tension in the room. Ben and Gus get increasingly confused and agitated as they try to figure out what their coming job might involve.

Directed and starring Kris Gummerus and Jonathan Hutchings, “The Dumb Waiter” is presented in the Finland-Swedish information centre LUCKAN, which was founded in 1992.

Come along and spend an evening in the company of a dark comedy about contained violence, paranoia, friendship and the discipline of killing people.

You can buy your tickets on the door, book from Luckan or over the internet from Luckan’s ticket system .

Tickets: €7
Dates: 14, 15, 16, 18, 19, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29 & 30.10 @ 8pm

Luckan Theatre
Simonkatu/Simonsgatan 8

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