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The dragon begins
by David Barger
2010-10-23 09:53:59
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Creeping into the crevices and cracks
Surrounding my desk.
Feeding off what strength remains
Which shields me of complaints;
The floorboards creak from the
Continued pressure of weight.
My thoughts become polluted
And soiled from the constant
Nagging and whining!
This avenue of unintelligent conversing
Is stagnant waters to my mind,
And I wish not to drink from it!

Emptying waste like
Stale crumbs fowls would not
Allow refuge in their beaks
Let alone loosen unto the earth
From their bowels,
Yet it has corrupted my mind.

Where is the cleansing solution
For the fortified chambers of grey matter
Which resides movement, emotion,
And the true heart of all mankind?
Every facet and branch of memory
I have sustained through
This walk in life I have claimed!
Indeed no island holds the answer.
Through profuse anger will I
Burn and purge this from within,
Yet what good is a fire
In the belly of a flood?

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David Barger2010-10-23 17:04:09
This is incredible, as it marks my 100th poem ever published - and it made Ovi cover page!!

David's Mom2010-10-23 17:35:58
Awesomely created and done well! Proud of you! Lovingly and always MOM

Thanos2010-10-23 21:11:20
Thanks for honouring us with your poems, David :)

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