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The human spirit
by David Barger
2010-10-20 07:17:29
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Is both forgiving and forbidding.
A common thread of unity-
Translucent, transparent, and transcending.
Unique by comparison,
And fierce as a competitor.
An hourglass of love and hate
Where every single emotion collides
Being reproduced, or cloned
Over and over, again and again.

A blank page where ink has spilled
Blotting and streaking.

Fire and Ice compressed into steam.
The will to live and the ability to die.
Anthropophagus for fear, and aspiring
To great heroics.
A masterpiece untainted, yet profusely corrupt.

Tomorrow’s fools and yesterday’s kings.
Is partial to want, and completely in need.
Significantly oppressed wishing to be freed!

A slice of heaven followed by a pint of hell.
Walking earth decomposing with each day.
The grandeur of good equally set to
The most horrific of evil swirled together
Topped with a sweet cherry.

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bohdan2010-10-22 09:02:29

David Barger2010-10-22 13:14:57
Thank you!

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