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Yep, it's about that thing-a-ma-jig
by David Barger
2010-10-17 09:31:14
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Before The Silence of the Lambs
Was it ever known the origin
Of the now famous wording mangina?
Did someone once famous ever
Do the tuck and hide technique,
Of course it would have had to been
Some male role model to play this lead role
Before Buffalo Bill demonstrated
The obsession that those jealous
Of the female likeness longs for?
My penis once told me,
“I don’t care how drunk you are
We are not trying this!”
And at times it seems that I am
Able to understand the conversation
Between me and my body – parts.

I suppose there are many men
That feel much like the hornets
I find caught between the plastic cover
Of the ventilation system
Found in the restroom longing
To find a way out, but become trapped
And die of starvation;
Sometimes even the strangest desires
Can eat away at a person from the inside out.
Every once in a while the earth
Pleads with itself in constant inner struggles
Leading to a final eruption
As molten lava bursts into the heavens
Destroying all the life surrounding
What is found on the outer layers
Leaving ash and smoke to rise and settle
In what has eventually become a new form.

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David Barger2010-10-17 12:32:15
The picture is GREAT that you have placed with this poem, whih brings out the sense of humor in it - Thanks!

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