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Sleeping Princess Sleeping Princess
by David Barger
2010-10-08 08:13:27
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She took away the morning after,
Cold dark winter sweat,
Of memories once had gathered
With no room for lone regret.

I walk between snowflakes
Where wind slides within the bone,
And marrow shade is frozen
As a moment given is all alone.

No longer by my feet
When I write on this plateau;
Tail flicks are wrapped in closure -
Back claws escape the need to grow.

Now dust confides a cedar box
Nestled in glass bookcase on a shelf;
Her voice is encased in yesterday -
Blackened stripes erase their wealth.

She sleeps in death now barren.
Photos replace each paw in step.
She gave her love most freely
With no room for lone regret.

Holdfast these memories
Enriched throughout the years
Where sun shines behind storm clouds
In the mind, and triggers barricade forget.

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David's Mama2010-10-09 03:52:24
Very enchanting and lovely!

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