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October 2010 choices October 2010 choices
by The Ovi Team
2010-10-03 08:54:10
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October is definitely autumn so we thought to give first something environmental for the kids, an art factory only for kids and then some …Wal-Mart fun for the rest of us and the prove that even retails can be hilarious.

We hope you can check them and in a case you have any suggestion please contact us.

Site of the month: The Imagination Factory

Encouraging others to enjoy and create art has been the focus of Marilyn Brackney's career as an artist and teacher. In 1996 she expanded her classroom by launching The Imagination Factory on the Internet. The purpose of the site is to teach reuse and recycling concepts through art activities using solid waste as a source of free materials. The Factory is recommended by the project team at EE-Link, the University of Michigan's environmental Web site for educators, and it was listed in the Yahoo! Internet Life as one of the best arts and crafts Web sites for kids.

By hosting this site, Brackney hopes to increase awareness of our shrinking landfill space and to encourage recycling. She believes that using solid waste as art materials also accomplishes the following:

While most people think that collecting solid waste is recycling, it's only the first step in the process.

Using solid waste to make art teaches kids that recycling results in the manufacture of a new product.

Recycling to make art encourages the collection of solid waste at home, and it can help change attitudes and perceptions about the quality of recycled products, in general.

Using solid waste as art materials saves landfill space and the energy and natural resources needed to produce virgin materials-in this case, art supplies.

Making art from solid waste saves money. This is especially important for schoolteachers and others working with limited resources. In addition, some of the materials which go to landfills are more interesting and are of better quality than those one can buy.

Finally, reusing and recycling to make art or crafts encourages creative thinking and problem solving. Kids are challenged when they're presented with solid waste as art materials, and making something from nothing is fun!

The Imagination Factory is located in Columbus, Indiana, an American city famous for its modern architecture and preserved older buildings. Click A Kid's Columbus to take a virtual tour. People come here from all over the world to see and study our architecture. Most of them are adults, but kids can find lots of buildings, sculpture, and other great things to see, too.




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Blog of the month: People of Walmart

We personally have nothing against Walmart. We, along with most of America, shop at Walmart for nearly everything we need.  This site is simply a satirical social commentary of the extraordinary sights found at America’s favourite store. Walmart is Americana baby, Enjoy!

‘People of Walmart’ was founded in August of 2009 by three friends and roommates after an inspirational trip to Walmart.

This is purely for entertainment purposes only. We don’t need to see pictures of you and your dumb friends dicking around at Walmart. There is no reason to send us pictures of people that are seriously and unfortunately handicapped so don’t be an asshole. We are trying to have some fun here and there is a difference between someone who is mentally challenged and a person who has a fu Manchu and is still rocking MC Hammer pants.

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Photo of the month: meditating before going north




For more photos check HERE! 


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