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Untitled Mishap
by David Barger
2010-10-02 08:01:37
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I lost my mind a time or two
beneath the rubber heel of shoe,
or between the common grain of sand
and the crooked line in palm of hand.
I thought I seen it on the floor
under the crack of metal door,
but I was wrong as time perceives
like wearing stripes on lengthened sleeves;
though this matter is neither here nor there
when the mind is lost below growing hair.

I found my name in drying mud
throughout the waves of Jesus’ blood;
etched likes stone within a book
with other names this world forsook.

I fell asleep under the sun
near white sand where water runs
beneath the shade of mustard tree,
and swallowed that its tiny seed;
clouded mind became a blur
cause was found when growth occurred.

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David's Mom2010-10-03 04:37:53
Tears came to my eyes,
my heart felt full not noing why,then I realized, with joy overflowed,it's because he's my son,my one,my own. Loved it David...Love you!

Janie Jones2010-10-03 06:12:50
Love it! You are a very talented writer!

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