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Cyprus report Cyprus report
by Euro Reporter
2010-09-30 09:58:03
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In the UN Assembly

Turkey can prove its commitment to a lasting solution of the Cyprus issue by withdrawing immediately its occupation forces from the island, thus boosting both the negotiation process and its own European perspective, Greek Foreign Minister Dimitris Droutsas told the 65th Session of the UN General Assembly.

Droutsas appealed to the Turkish leadership to use this framework for a just solution. “Let us not expand the wall that divides the two communities in Cyprus to divide Turkey from Europe. Let us instead break down this last `Berlin Wall` and help create a common future for the citizens of a free Cyprus,”` he said.

As he noted the last “Berlin Wall” has to come down and not be strengthened, underlining that this responsibility rests with the United Nations and all those who have a saying in international developments.


Cyprus Romanian understanding

The Minister of Commerce, Industry and Tourism Antonis Paschalides signed today a Memorandum of Understanding in the energy sector with his Rumanian counterpart, Minister of Finance, Commerce and Business Environment Ion Ariton.  According to an official announcement, the MoU signed by the two sides concerns mostly the sector of Renewable Energy Sources.

Moreover, Paschalides said that the objective of the meeting was to strengthen the relationship with Rumania, while both sides agreed that there is room for further cooperation in many sectors of the economy.  He added that the MoU provides both sides with the possibility of exchanging delegations and technical know-how.

Asked to elaborate on the terms of the MoU, the Minister said that Rumania may assist in the biofuel area, while there is interest for Cypriot entrepreneurs to invest in wind parks in Rumania.  Paschalides also added that investments of Cypriot interest in Rumania, in various sectors, amount today to around 1, 5 billion Euros. The Rumanian Minister said on his part that he expects Paschalides to visit his country in November, so that negotiations may continue within the framework of the existing Joint Parliamentary Committee.


Test cheating

A moment of candour – or call it naiveté – has led to a police investigation into how the contents of a government exam were leaked to the examinees. The incident relates to an English-language test, held in Limassol over the weekend, as part of the exam requirements for admission to the civil service.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said that, shortly before the exam got underway, a woman candidate told a male examinee who was also due to take the exam that she knew the topic of the essay. On entering the exam room, the male candidate dutifully informed the invigilator. When the envelopes were opened, it emerged that the essay subject was indeed the same as that mentioned. Asked how he had come across this information, the examinee stated, within earshot of the other candidates, he had been told by the woman a few minutes before entering the exam room.

The woman then confirmed this to the invigilator, and the latter decided to report the matter to the police. “The police are investigating whether the exams were leaked in advance or at the last moment, and whether this case constitutes a criminal offence,” Katsounotos said. Government exams are organised by the relevant department of the Ministry of Education.

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