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How bizarre!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-09-19 08:44:22
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Porn found on teacher's classroom computer

bizarre01_08A primary school teacher in Britain has been granted permission to continue teaching despite the discovery of home-made pornography on her classroom computer. Jane Moyle, 45, was sacked for gross misconduct when the explicit films were discovered on a computer at her school. Mrs Moyle made up to 80 sex films at home with her husband Colin, nine of which were kept on the classroom computer.

It later emerged her husband, a former teacher, had sold many of the films to an adult website without his wife's knowledge. The amateur pornography was discovered when IT experts were fixing the computer. A disciplinary hearing ruled that the mother-of-three was not to be struck off the teaching registrar because of claims she was unaware that the pornographic material was kept on the computer.
She said the videos were shot for her husband's private use and she did not know they were for sale. Her husband confirmed to officials that he distributed the films without Mrs Moyle's permission.


Man urinated on station, then introduced himself

bizarre02_05For the proverbial list of “dumbest criminals ever,” Ferndale police Lt. William Wilson this week said — tongue in cheek — that he would nominate a man who entered one of the city’s party stores, put on a Star Wars mask of the villain Darth Vader and pulled an armed robbery with a butcher knife — all the while being recorded on surveillance video that soon led to his arrest.

But in Royal Oak, a nominee for the list of dumbest criminals surely has to be the man who at 4:39 p.m. Monday — in broad daylight on a weekday afternoon — was seen by several witnesses urinating on the side of the Royal Oak police station, according to Lt. Gordon Young. It gets better. “After urinating, the suspect entered the station in an attempt to file a police report on an undisclosed matter,” Young said.

But witnesses had quickly informed the police at the front desk, Deputy City Attorney Mark Liss said. The man was issued a citation, and likely will serve no jail time but pay a fine and court costs of $250; the maximum would have been $500 and up to 90 days in jail for public urination, Liss said. As is usual court procedure, the man’s name can’t be disclosed until his formal arraignment, generally held within 14 days, Liss said.


Battling over noise of children playing basketball

bizarre03_400_07For two years now, Mary and Bruce Swanson have been urging city officials to do something about the children playing basketball next door. They say they've endured basketballs flying over the fence and loud dribbling that diminishes their quality of life. The Swansons have met with police officials, testified at City Council meetings and requested detailed information and revisions regarding the city's noise ordinance.

City officials estimate that staff members have dedicated more than 200 hours to the issue. Multiplied by the city's going rate of $75 an hour for staff time, that would translate to roughly $15,225 – if the city charged the Swansons for their time.  And still, the dispute continues.

Police Chief Terry Timeus once tried to work things out with a visit to the Swansons' home.  They wanted police to start issuing citations, Timeus said. "I can empathize if they're sensitive to neighbourhood noise, but I told them we're not going to give kids tickets for playing basketball."  Tami Fahey, mother of the basketball players, says her children are just trying to enjoy a classic youth sport in the confines of their backyard. She said her family feels harassed.


Man Burned While Trying to Steal Copper from Power Substation

bizarre04_03A man police believe was attempting to steal copper from a live West Virginia utility substation suffered third degree burns.

It’s reported that the man was found behind the gate of an Appalachian Power Co. substation in Raleigh County.

Emergency crews say he was suffering from third-degree burns and also had a hole in his leg where they believe the electrical current exited his body. The man, whose identity was not released, was transported in critical condition to the hospital.

Several hundred customers experienced power outages that occurred during the incident.

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