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Slovenian report Slovenian report
by Euro Reporter
2010-09-17 08:05:28
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100 BMWs for free! Slovenian government under fire for accepting donation of cars

Things got complicated for the Slovenian government after it announced BMW Slovenia was offering it 100 new vehicles for free for five years, after which it would either have to purchase them or give them back.

The government said the deal would allow it to redirect funds toward building solar reactors on its buildings and schools. But the anti-corruption body says the government cannot have sponsors, and labour unions question the government need of 100 luxury cars. Local media blasted the deal and said it raises questions of impartiality, competition and corruption.

Following the furore, the government said Wednesday it would ask the anti-graft body for its opinion.


TV anchor caught in underwear during live broadcast

The Slovenia television anchor was presenting the news on a program when he slid away from the news desk, exposing his lack of trousers. The news anchor was on a program in Slovenia called 24UR, airing on commercial channel Pop TV, according to Sky News.

During the closing credits of the program, the anchor slides away from the desk, apparently not realizing he was still being filmed on live TV.

Appropriately dressed in shirt, tie and jacket, what the TV audience did not know until the credits were rolling, was that the anchor had elected to not wear his trousers. Once he slides away from the desk to speak to a female colleague, his boxer shorts and bare legs can be seen by all.  The footage has now become a much viewed favourite on YouTube.


700 bodies found in Slovenia grave

A mass grave has been found in Slovenia containing the remains of 700 people murdered in the weeks following the end of the Second World War in Europe.

The grave was discovered in a forest close to the Austrian border, and is thought to contain Nazi collaborators, about 100 Austrian citizens, and civilians that Yugoslavia's fledgling communist regime deemed as "class enemies" and a threat.

Acting on information given by eyewitnesses, investigators unearthed a trench three metres wide and 21 metres long packed with human remains. Shoes in the grave indicated some of the victims were civilians.  "Some were killed kneeling, with hands tied behind their backs, and their bodies’ revealed traces of gunshot wounds," said Marko Strovs, head of the Slovenian government's commission for mass graves, but he added that other victims appeared to have been killed with an axe. Slovenia alone has an estimated 600 mass graves.

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