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Dutch report Dutch report
by Euro Reporter
2010-09-04 08:15:55
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Feiz Muhammad, Muslim Cleric: ‘Behead Geert Wilders’

A radical Muslim Cleric, Feiz Muhammad has called for Geert Wilders to be beheaded for comments he made in an interview about Islam. Wilders only learned of the threat from a Dutch newspaper and not from authorities who are supposed to be in charge of protecting his life. Wilders has been a staunch critic of a Muslim “takeover” in his native Holland.

Geert Wilders is on trial for “inciting hatred” against Muslims. Feiz Muhammad’s hate speech is evidently okay under some warped sense of free speech protection. The Muslim Cleric’s hate speech calling for the beheading of Geert Wilders can be heard here, at the website of De Telegraaf. Feiz Muhammad, who was born in Sydney, Australia, is no stranger to radical, controversial, hate speech. He once said that women who were raped were to blame for what happened to them. He also has called for the radicalization of children in the Islamic religion.

There’s no question that some of Geert Wilders statements and actions could be considered radical. But to date, he has never called for someone’s death. Wilder’s has been a critic of the Netherland’s stance on multiculturalism. To say the least, he is a very popular figure not only in Holland, but around the world. Feiz Muhammad called Geert Wilders, “this Satan, this devil, this dirty politician in Holland.” He not only singled out Wilders, he proclaimed that anyone who spoke about Islam in this way should have his/her head “cut off.”

Geert Wilders made a film in 2008 that said that the Koran has incited violence around the world. He has also been very outspoken about the planned ground zero mosque which of course has been a source of contention here. It still remains to be seen what, if anything, authorities will do to Feiz Muhammad for calling for beheading Geert Wilders and others who insult Islam. What a backwards, upside down world we live in.


Dutch woman arrested on suspicion of killing of 3 infants

Dutch prosecutors say a 41-year-old woman from the southern Netherlands has been arrested on suspicion of killing three infants, possibly her own. Prosecution spokesman Eugene Baak says police arrested the woman Friday after receiving a tip. She was interrogated and then a search of her shed in Geleen turned up the first body Tuesday. Police dogs found two more Wednesday.

Baak said Thursday she will be held until a court hearing Sept. 14. The case comes less than a month after a similar case in northern Netherlands. Police arrested a 25-year-old woman on suspicion of killing four of her babies shortly after birth, and hiding their bodies in her attic.


Dutch man drinks hydrochloric acid after being fired over employee gifts

A 50-year-old Dutch man killed himself by drinking hydrochloric acid earlier this year, a national newspaper reported on Friday. Quality controller Daan was unexpectedly fired in February because the head of the company’s cafeteria gave him a small bag with fruit once a week, De Telegraaf reported. This was recognized as fraud by the company when management discovered the gifts.

Shortly after Daan was fired, he drank a bottle containing hydrochloric acid to kill himself. The dangerous acid was stored at the company where Daan worked, Draka Holding NV, which manufactures cable solutions.

The lawyer of Daan’s widow says Draka Holding NV should be held responsible for the damages as a result of Daan’s death. “Draka should never have allowed the man to be near easily accessible hazardous substances after he was fired, which made him completely upset.”  Draka Holding NV spokesman Michael Bosman told De Telegraaf that it regrets the incident, but refused to comment further.

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