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Future requirements
by Mark Hayton
Issue 14
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As a general rule I never make promises. In my so far short life, I have found myself to be in the past somewhat unreliable. Don't misunderstand me, I am generally a well-rounded human being, and barring a few minor moral glitches along the way I have generally proven to be a man of dependability and honesty possessing timekeeping skills comparable to most pendulums.

My problem, should you choose to perceive it as such, is my sincerity. I like to stick to my word as often as possible, and one of the defining characteristics of a promise is its future requirements.

The fact is plans change, people change, lives evolve and sometimes its hard enough to adapt on your own … a promise is an extra weight to carry, in short, a promise is a burden.

I mean I do understand the good nature of promises they're born always of good intentions and I understand the satisfaction received from actually validating faith and trust in something tangible … but its not.

You may believe, truly believe in something enough to carve it in stone and say that it will definitely occur, but that doesn't necessarily make it so. You can never actually know what's going to happen. You can guess or make predictions and even use promises to try to insure you're future but the tangible, immovable, inflexible promise will not adapt as you do. Nor will it change, for if it did, it wouldn't be the same promise anymore, it would be an entirely new entity.

The most important concept to me isn't how I or anyone else views a promise it's the almost universal understanding of a broken promise … a lie. If you promise to do something or be somewhere and you're not, the consequence is, at the very least, being perceived as unreliable maybe untrustworthy. This, for me, is a high price to pay when I try to think of the last time I had to promise to do something I loved or be somewhere that I actually wanted to be.
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