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Ask, If You Mosque
by Leah Sellers
2010-08-18 08:46:03
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A Mosque.  A Temple.  A Church.  A Prayer Garden.  All are Holy Ground.  Sacred Space.  Humanity’s Wailing Walls where we send Messages to the Heavens - to Great Spirit - to The Great Architect - to one Another of our dire straits, our gratitude, our praise.
They are all Humanity’s Community Centers - the Vortices of Humanity’s Philosophical and Theosophical, Ethical and Moral principals, universal laws, universal Hopes and Dreams.
Mosques, Temples, Churches and Prayer Gardens typically symbolize and epitomize what is supposed to be Best and most Enlightened within Humankind.  They are the visible Vessels of the Higher Self Humanity aspires to Be.  They represent the multitudinous Faces and various personality traits and characteristics of Great Spirit.  They are Sanctuaries for all Minds, all Hearts, all Bodies, all Souls.
A Mosque is being raised within New York City a couple of blocks away from 9/11’s Ground Zero Memorial - 9/11’s hallowed and still bitterly haunted ground.
Why bitterly ?
Americans are divided between their pride and love for their Rights to Freedom of Religion and (for the most part) being able to do and build anything they desire upon the Property they may Own.  And their still roiling Fear and Anger over the losses they bore (and in some instances still bear) when violently and explosively attacked and murdered by Muslim Terrorists seeking jihad with America and Western Civilization in general.  The Muslim Terrorists targeted Capitalism’s World Money Temple (the World Trade Center), and America’s Military Center (the Pentagon).  Cut off the head of a Snake, and the headless body may jerk around in shock and pain for awhile, but the Snake has been rendered harmless and will eventually die.
Also, many Americans are still frustrated about being manipulated by ‘the Enemy’, our own politicians, and global corporations interested in making a lot of moo-lah off of the all too trusting backs of Americans and other entities led into a lengthy, life consuming, costly, and energy and time wasting War in the Middle East.
Americans are also frustrated, angry and fearful about the Bail Out of the Global Banks, at the expense and sacrifice of the American Taxpayers.  The World Banks and Mega-Corporations benefited and gained even more power, while Working Americans have been further weakened, and have reaped nothing but increasing indebtedness and losses after agreeing to and performing their ‘good deed for all of the World’s Economies and Governments.  There’s nothing quite like being the blunt end of a very bad Joke.
These are just a few of the Fate Strings being vibrated which have made Americans feel vulnerable and distrustful.  Which have fed into and stirred up the burning embers of distrust and hatred the building of a Muslim Mosque being raised so closely to 9/11’s Ground Zero have brought about.
Americans are worried about what the huge Mosque will actually come to symbolize.  What will be taught and prayed about within the Mosque’s Walls ?  Will it be Allah’s laws of justice and overall good will or the Terrorists vitriolic hatred and murderous intentions toward future Americans and Westerners - American and Westerners sites ?
Some Americans even fear that the Mosque is being built to slap America (and her revered Freedoms and Rights) in the Face.  To poke fun at, to ill use and prevaricate the very Liberties and Ideals of Freedom and Egalitarianism Americans so cherish within their Constitution and Bill of Rights.
Fear, Anger, Distrust, and overall Disillusionment are making many Americans reactionary these days.
Yes, everyone has ample reasons to react negatively to a great many things rumbling and tumbling all around the World.  However, as Enlightened Beings, when does Self-Control of the most bestial and destructive parts of our very Human Nature take hold ?  When do we accept the fact that we are all to blame (if blame we must) for what happened on 9/11.
Every Player - every Nation - every American - every Westerner - every Muslim played their parts (actively and inactively).  Some better than others.  And now what are all of us left with ?  Mayhem - Fear Mongering - more and continued Suffering and Murdering of one another’s Sons and Daughters, Mothers and Fathers, Brothers and Sisters.  What Foolishness we have all Chosen to participate in and perpetuate.  When will we ever Choose to end the Foolishness  ?  To seek other, more constructive ways of Communicating and disagreeing with one another ?
How can the Americans expect the Israelis and Palestinians (who have been opposing and murdering one another for far longer) to gather at a Peace Table - to make concessions - to compromise and give up Ground and old grudges, when we can’t even succeed at these important and arduous tasks ourselves over the building of a Mosque near an American emotional hot spot ?  There are Emotional Hot spots all over the World.
Food for Thought.  Would someone who has been sexually and physically assaulted - had their most Sacred Spaces and Places violated and desecrated ever tolerate meeting Face-to-Face with their Perpetrator - their Terrorist - their Monster ?  If such a Meeting ever took place would the Hapless Victim/Predatory Perpetrator (existing potentially within us All) existing, and wriggling uncomfortably around, within both the Victim and the Perpetrator somehow Mend ?  Somehow Heal  ?
Perhaps, within a Mosque, a Temple, a Church, a Prayer Garden.
Perhaps.  Hopefully.  Gracefully.  Tolerantly.  Perhaps.

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Emanuel Paparella2010-08-18 10:13:06
Indeed Leah, perhaps but not likely since hypocritically, modern man, having thrown the baby with the bath-water out the window, having thrown religion out the window with its abuses, then proceeds to declare "sacred space" what is in his own nationalistic tribal interests and brings religion into the equation and sacred space to justify intolerance. Paradoxically, religion literally means "to bind together" but alas, there is no binding together when it is us against them and when religion becomes a destructive force, or a cult with which to destroy the other.

As previously mentioned, our only hope now for us cynical Machiavellians resides in the young to whom Machiavelli remains foreign. We desperately need a conspiracy of hope, for our nihilism is killing us slowly.

Leah Sellers2010-08-19 06:03:00
Thank you, for your astute insights and knowledge, Brother emanuel.

You have made some very poignant points (as you always do).

But, I truly am the Eternal (cock-eyed) Optimist, sir.

You and I were probably both raised by "The Machivalians", and yet we see The Light upon (and the possibilities) of a different Life's Path and World View. We see the Heaven on Earth there can be.

Personally, I have never understood Humanity's obsession waiting until we're dead to 'get to Heaven', when all we have to do is be Willing to merely magnify and focus upon the pieces of Heaven which greet us every day upon Earth.

Yes, radically Changing the dysfunctional Sysstems we have created, and have to operate within, will be hard, very difficult and painstaking work. But like the salmon who swims up stream against the current - against all odds. We Can Do Ir !

Yes, we are Gardners and Caregivers planting Seeds of Hope within the Children of the Future. but there is much work against the current which can be done now. Tolerant Communication, Compassionate Action and Outreach are the primary keys.

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