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Girls love diamonds doesn't matter the blood drops
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-08-11 07:54:35
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Most of the states – if not all - in the African continent were colonized and victimized for centuries that are a fact. It is also a fact that the representatives of the colonial states except corrupted themselves, corrupted everything they touched or contact including locals and the results were obvious for most of those states straight after their liberation and independence. With military coups soon ruthless dictators replaced the colonial powers with regimes sometimes literally cannibal and definitely lethal for the people.

The curse for most of those countries has been their rich subsoil that covers a wide spectrum of wealth including oil, diamonds and uranium. Even now near the end of the warlord’s era the only people who have never enjoyed this wealth are the poor habitants; the only thing they have enjoyed is misery and blood. The new regimes were part of the corrupted colonial establishment; they were part of its bureaucracy and the only thing they did except continuing corruption and robbery of the land and the people was to adjust the state to their wants – Uganda’s Idi Amin Dada is just one example –and handle the state’s property and money like it was their monthly pocket money.

The tragic for most of those states was that the rise of those warlords came the same time with the end of the occupation; the slavery to the colonialists so in the minds of the locals became heroes, liberators and savours who despite the harm they caused later – in some cases much worst than the colonialists with dramatic results like civil wars and genocides – for a lot of people are still heroes and liberators with best examples Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe and Liberia’s Charles Taylor.

There is no controversy about Charles Taylor, the man was a murderous gangster of the worst kind, a serial killer and riper who took over from another killer the dictator Samuel Doe with a military coup and led Liberia to a ruthless civil war in the beginning of the 21st century. Despite his western upbringing Charles Taylor proved anything but influence from the democratic values appreciating only the colour of money or better the carats of diamonds since Liberia is one of the diamond countries. The one thing he learn from the west was PR and marketing himself so he found himself invited even from Nelson Mandela the quintessence of democracy and equality in Africa for dinners and talks. The rest is history.

However the last year Charles Taylor found his way where he really belongs in the court room waiting for a sentence for his crime against the Liberian people but unfortunately justice is blind and all that and of course needs hard evidence. Unfortunately the need of that hard evidence ended up to Naomi Campbell’s legs literally. Naomi Campbell is not known for her battles for the human rights, she has never marched against the apartheid, she thinks that Champaign is a sift drink and when somebody dares not do whatever she likes she throws them her mobile. Actually she’s one of those people who think that whole world was born to serve them and that the universe is going around her.

Naomi Campbell has no contribution in modern civilization, has never written a book I doubt if she has ever read one, she has not academic achievements and hard work behind her she only has long legs, an obnoxious character and a future in plastic surgery as a guinea pig attracted by power and money. And when she met Charles Taylor she found them both and an extra bonus, diamonds. Doesn’t matter how much it matters if those diamonds were soppy with blood, it didn’t matter to her how many had died for those diamonds what really mattered to her was how many carats these diamonds were. And of course Naomi Campbell doesn’t give a damn for justice. For Naomi Campbell apartheid and slavery are probably stories, tales from a far away past and hand kisser Charles Taylor was the long waiting white knight who was all around …her legs.

With Naomi Campbell is not only that she is what stereotypes for brainless models expect her to be but that she’s actually proud of it and she considers it an advantage. And of course she lied in the court – it has been in all the news so I presume everybody has read it – and of course she doesn’t remember if she got one, two, six or ten diamonds and of course she doesn’t know who gave them to her and of course she had no idea how these diamonds ended up to her hands and naturally she never heard about blood diamonds doesn’t matter if she was in the premier of the film with the same name and Di Caprio staring. But again girls love diamonds and even the colonialists did everything to give to their girls diamonds.

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