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Who I, Who We Might or Mightn't Be
by Leah Sellers
2010-08-10 08:04:51
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Who Am I ?
     Who Are We ?
I Am, Who ?
     We Are, Who ?
Say, “How do you do”
     To you know Who
Every second a Subtle and Revolutionary Action (or non-Action)
     Of  Adaptation, Transformation, Transmutation
     I Am - We Are
Silently Alone or in noisy Conglomeration - Amalgamation
     I Am - We Are
But I and We must remind
     The Curious Mind
That the Question posed
     Has no Resolving Answer - no Revelation yet exposed
The Question of Who I am - Who We Are
     Is Ever-Changing and Re-Arranging
I Am - We Are
     Static Dynamos
     Dynamic Staticos
Re-Arranging and Ever-Changing
Why Do I - Do We
     Struggle against or toward
     My - Our Changes
     And Revolving Evolutions so ?
     (Aha !  One Question always leads to Another)
We Are Born to Be Changelings
     With all of the Terrible Wonders
     And Wonderful Terrors
That Changeable State of Being Can and Will Bring
     Can and Will Bestow
And yet the Who of Me - of We
     Continues to Seek
     The I Am
     The We Are
     Of Me and We
What a daunting - a challenging conundrum
     And quandary
Posing and Exposing
     The Who I Am
     The Who We Are
     Of Me and We
Whoever the Who I Am - the Who We Are
     Might or Mightn’t Be


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Leah Sellers2010-08-11 05:10:57
Quite so, Brother Emanuel. There is always (and never) Something in Nothing, and Nothing in Something.

Like children encountering and chasing after Fireflies. Where there once was the seeming Velvet Void of pure black Night, there is suddenly arises unexpected radiance and the pure brilliance of Illuminating Light.

But, what if One is Blind ?

Emanuel Paparella2010-08-10 15:50:21
And yet Leah, Plato intuited something etern amids all the continous changing and transformations; he called it the eternal changeless Forms and we materialists, beginning with Aristotle, have caricaturized them since and yet, and yet, we continue to be fascinated by them and continue to ask the question: why is there something rather than nothing at all?

Emanuel Paparella2010-08-10 15:52:11
Errata: eternal, amidst

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