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Bulgarian report Bulgarian report
by Euro Reporter
2010-08-08 09:49:09
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Bulgarian Navy marks 131st anniversary

The Bulgarian Naval Forces mark over the weekend the 131-year anniversary of their establishment in the presence of local and State officials and numerous events in the Black Sea cities of Varna and Burgas. Bulgaria’s President, Georgi Parvanov, is attending Saturday the concert in Varna dedicated to commemoration while Defense Minister, Anyu Angelov, will bestow awards to navy officers at the same event.

In Burgas, the frigate “Verni” (Faithful), sailed to the civil port and was open for visits on Saturday. It is the first one in Bulgaria to pass NATO requirements and receive a NATO standards certificate. The celebrations will continue in Varna Sunday with the graduation of officers from Varna’s Naval Academy and “Verni” sailing to the city to be visited by the Varna public.

While in Varna, the President, who is also the Commander in Chief, commented he is convinced Angelov had violated the procedure of the appointment of a new director of Bulgaria's military intelligence. When asked why he did not meet with his Serbian counterpart, Boris Tadic, who was also in Varna for talks with Prime Minister, Boyko Borisov, Parvanov said Tadic had been on a private visit.


Beach resorts tax evasion

A probe of Bulgaria’s National Revenue Agency (NRA) discovered large-scale tax evasion in the largest beach resort “Sunny Beach.” The concealed profits amounted to BGN 300 000 in just one night.

The Sofia tax agents made a surprise visit to 4 of the largest night clubs at the resort to find out that BGN 7 000 out of every BGN 10 000 never get declared and taxed. In one of the establishment employees were listed as making the mere BGN 65 a month, while the average officially listed monthly salary in most of the clubs and restaurants is below BGN 300 - low by Bulgarian standards. (Listing low wages is a much practiced form of tax evasion in Bulgaria where employers pay less for insurance and other benefits.)

Another stark violation discovered overnight is the fact that one of the most popular clubs in “Sunny Beach” declared monthly revenues from entrance fees in the amount of BGN 10, while the tax agents established that these fees add up to BGN 4 000 in just 5 hours. Retailers failing to give a receipt are also among the violators. NRA informs they will continue to monitor all merchants throughout the entire summer season while the owners of the largest night clubs will be audited. “What are happening at Bulgaria’s beach resorts are an outrage and a disgrace. Those people are mocking the entire society. Of owners conceal 2/3 of their revenues, we will watch them all summer long and based on information collected this season will tax them for years back,” NRA Director, Krasimir Stefanov, says.


Bulgaria calls embassy closure reports 'speculation'

The Bulgarian foreign ministry has dismissed as “speculation” media reports that its embassy in Dublin may close as part of attempts to restructure Bulgaria’s diplomatic service. Reports have appeared in the Bulgarian media in recent weeks suggesting the government plans to shut 30 of its 114 overseas diplomatic missions. One daily newspaper published a list of embassies it said were earmarked for closure. These included missions in Ireland, Norway, Estonia, Lithuania and Slovakia.

The Bulgarian embassy is located on Burlington Road in Ballsbridge. In a statement to The Irish Times , Bulgarian foreign ministry spokeswoman Vessela Tcherneva played down the reports. “The Bulgarian ministry of foreign affairs is indeed undergoing a wide-reaching reform driven by the need to modernise and optimise the diplomatic service,” she said. “However, no decision has yet been taken about the scope and the concrete targets of the optimisation efforts.

“While usually there is no comment on media publications, I can assure you that the information about an alleged decision to cut 30 embassies and, more concretely, the one in Dublin, is purely speculative.” Earlier this year, Sweden announced it would shut its embassy in Dublin after more than 60 years as part of a reorienting of its foreign policy. Its missions in Bulgaria, Luxembourg, Slovakia, and Slovenia were also destined to be closed down. At the time, Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt said that there was scope for developing “new forms for maintaining bilateral contacts” within the EU framework. The embassy, on Harcourt Road, is due to close at the end of the month.

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