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Belgium report Belgium report
by Euro Reporter
2010-08-07 08:44:35
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Belgium have lowered the age for the Gardasil vaccine to 9 years

It has been revealed by the European Medicines Agency that Belgium have decided to change their vaccine policy, regarding the Gardasil vaccine, lowering the original age group from 11 – 12 to as young as 9 years of age. The change made on the 24th June 2010 by the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) has shocked and angered many campaign and action groups.

The co – founder of the campaigning action group the Truth about Gardasil Rosemary Mathis, whose own daughter of 12 became seriously ill, after she was given the Gardasil vaccine was appalled by this latest move. She said: "In 2008, my previously healthy 12 year old daughter began her round of the Gardasil series after her paediatrician highly recommended the vaccine. I have always given my children the best medical care, so upon his recommendation, I agreed. After each injection of Gardasil, my daughter became ill and was taken back to her paediatrician who said she had a virus and the illness was unrelated to the vaccine. After the third injection, within 3 weeks, she became completely disabled. Our life became an endless round of very expensive hospital visits.”

And she continued: “My now 13 year old daughter missed almost her entire 8th grade year of school. She went from honour student, to student who could barely survive because she couldn't attend school. If she had not been an above standard student , she would never passed her 8th grade as she missed almost 100 days of school and on the days she could attend she was only able to attend a couple of hours. It was horrible. My happy, healthy, daughter could no longer attend church, school, family outings, or anything other than doctor visits. My 13 year old had to take pain medicine to survive! There were times when she was too sick to even go to the doctor. NO CHILD OR PARENT should have to go through this for a vaccine which in reality may not even have a valid purpose.  When my child was injured, I started researching what happened because the vaccine was new and the medical officials didn’t understand the side effects. As a result of my research, I co-founded TruthAboutGardasil.Org to warn other parents of the dangers of this vaccine and to provide a centralized repository for research data to provide evidence to the FDA, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. to enable the parents of injured children to explain to the doctors what was happening all across the globe to our children.”

“It is horrible that they are now recommending this vaccine to children 9 years old. This vaccine is causing death and injury to young women from 12 to 26 years of old today. What will it do to a 9 year old who has not fully developed. What does the future hold for the victims of the HPV Vaccines or even for others who have received it and to date have shown no side effects? Parents need to really investigate the HPV vaccines before they decide to vaccinate. I do not want any other parents to have to look their child in the eye and apologize to them because you think they may die from a vaccine which you allowed them to receive. It is a horrible thing to go through and my case is not as bad as a lot of others. I urge parents to seriously research Gardasil and or Cervarix before you let your doctor inject your child. Simply Google side effects of HPV vaccines and make the decision for yourself. I wish someone had warned me before it was too late for my child. I have a son also, who will NEVER receive this vaccine.”


De Koninck stays in Flemish hands

The brewer of Duvel beer Moortgat has bought the Antwerp brewery De Koninck. De Koninck is a Brabant brown beer similar in colour and taste to Palm and Vieux-Temps. The beer is popular in Antwerp and the surrounding area where it is sold in most bars and taverns. However, in many other areas of Flanders, the beer rarely features in the range of drinks sold in hostelries.

The De Koninck Brewery had been looking for a buyer for sometime. The Dutch brewing giant Heineken had been interested in buying the Antwerp brewery. However, it was Moortgat’s offer that was accepted and De Koninck will remain in Flemish hands.


Job vacancies remain unfilled despite the crisis

Despite the rise in unemployment over the past two years, the Flemish Employment and Vocational Training Service VDAB still have 14,000 long term vacancies for unskilled work on its books. Although around 50,000 Flemish job-seekers would be suited for one of the 14,000 jobs on offer, the vacancies remain unfilled.

Many vacancies for which the only employment criterion is a will to do the job remain unfilled. Companies still have great difficulty finding cleaners, shop assistants, security guards and warehouse workers. Many of the positions that remain vacant are either poorly paid or require prospective employees to work anti-social hours. VDAB’s Anneke Ernon told VRT radio that we should look beyond the figures. “Even if there are three candidates for a particular job, it doesn’t necessarily mean that one of them is suitable.”

"Leaving aside certain criteria such as qualifications and experience, there are other more personal aspects that can make the difference. For example, the requirement to deal with customers or the need to have certain skills can make it difficult for candidates to find work.” Ms Ernon added that although it takes longer to fill vacancies in the so-called “bottleneck professions”; most vacancies do get filled eventually. Despite the rise in unemployment since the start of the economic crisis, job vacancies in the “bottleneck professions” are not being snapped up any quicker. Since the beginning of the year, the number of vacancies for "bottleneck jobs" on the VDAB’s books has in fact risen by 3,000.

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