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The Seemingly Endless Flibberty Gibbit
by Leah Sellers
2010-07-08 08:49:59
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Oh the seemingly endless flibberty gibbit

     And the multitudinous flim flams
Of the Politicians, Wall Street and Corporate Cogheads

     Who keep pursuing the great “I Am”
At the expense of every Citizen - every City -

     Every State, Province, Country and Nation
And why ?  So they can decry, as pseudo (self made)

     Nostradamuses that the Great Economic Fall is coming
The very Fall that the American Republicans (and their Wall Street and Global Corporate Cohorts)

     Have been preplanning and cannily pushing toward its ultimately

     Devastating destination
The very same Economic Fall that all of our gambling and speculative National and Global leaders put into motion years ago by ciphoning and running the monies that help the Overall Public (and Global Populace) dry

     Now the American Republicans are grumbling and acting out and persistently filabustering,
“If we cannot stop the Democrats from successfully managing the problems we Republicans bogged America (and the rest of the World) down into up to its knobby knees

     Then we’ll stand firmly (and idiotically cohesive) against every Bill that helps the Common Folk (like the public option for healthcare and extended unemployment wages for the millions presently out of work - out of personal ease) and debunk Obama’s Efforts as the failures We Republicans (and our Wall Street and Global Corporate Cohorts) want them to be.  Malevolent Capitalism must run rampant - must be allowed to trample the Benevolently Capitalistic entrepreneural spirit that dares to be brave and the free

     You see Self Serving Power and Winning (no matter the cost to Others) are all that matter to men and women so diseased by personal hubris and greed

     They are no more proper leaders of Citizens, States, Nations and Worlds than the common cold which makes all Humanity feverish, sneeze and wheeze.

     Money has the Value and Ethics and Moves the World as Humanity sees fit.  But when the Elitist Few get ready to pout, to fuss, to grab for more, to tantrum.  It is the Common Folk who suffer and Bleed.

     But ‘the Times they are a-changing’ - the Societal, Political and Economic Games need rearranging

     Perhaps it’s Time for the Elitist Few to feel the volcanic flip flop of their own flibberty gibbit machinations and endless flim flams

     A reversal of their fortunes

     A reversal of their selfishly manipulative scams

     A reversal of their relentless (and overly inflated - overly rated) pursuits of the great “I Am”

     Perhaps if the Global Communities put their foot down and proclaim an end to the ridiculous flibberty gibbit and flim flam - change the Rules to all of these ludicrous and Energy wasting Games

     Then maybe all of the rest of Us can simply live in peace and security within our own private havens, making our own gernative, productive, innovative Life Plans while sharing with and treating one another respectfully as one and the very same.


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