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Cat Cat
by Abigail George
2010-06-22 08:44:27
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Cat stalks, watches with care a bird; just a fledgeling
slowly eat a stunned distressed dim blind worm genie
from Lilliputian land; cat nails wing to the hot ground
impulse to kill arises - leaves a bird with a feast of grey-black
feathers, me broom in hand; bird’s lovely bones infirm.
Cat is self-aware, lost in the found translation of a killing.

Cat watches its unholy demise; plays with it as if with
a playmate; watches it pass crippled in a manic panic din
then inspected with the feigned flow, ebb of grace;
small winged, quaint body slaughtered, disassembled
into the nothingness, the factual blur of a blue oblivion
moving slowly like airmail; like messages to a pen-pal.

Cat stretches its lupine body; yawns and reveals a mouth full of
shark teeth, flushed tongue, warm, sour milky breath, laps water
in the ring of the drain where it pours out of after a bath; it bathes
itself in winter, in moonlight, its submarine eyes obsidian closed
when napping when she rejects me I hover while she sleeps while she
finds a sunny spot when sprung from its prison, gravid slate of a belly

Cat is full of surprises, wholesome, dependent, unique, sweet like a
happy kid who just got picked out of a line up for volleyball;
Pinned down, heavy weight balancing precariously on paws
Cat leads a sheltered life, makes a fuss over her mealtimes
leads snakes and chameleons to small, terrifying deaths; yet it is
their destiny, she licks her paw, I hug her to my chest.

Cat turned out perfectly like elastic; golden threads caught in
ginger, jet black glossy fur: Cat is malcontent, moody longs
for a tranquil setting, washes its ears, its head, pounces on a
mouse, bites claws tears until it reaches the drumming rhythm
of the heart, I pick Cat up, she stiffens slightly, I kiss her ears
touch the fine width of her clean snow white Cheshire cat whiskers.

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