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Drowning in Oceans of Oil!
by Leah Sellers
2010-06-08 08:15:26
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Oil !  Glug, glug !  Chug, chug !  But those noises aren’t coming from oil hungry machines.  No, they’re coming from dying Pelicans, dying Sea Birds, dying Manatee, dying Otters, dying Oysters, dying Shrimp, dying Fish…etc.  All drowning in Oil !  Oil gushing from the BP pipeline.
The Ecological and Economic Ripple Effects begin.  The death of the Gulf Coast’s creatures and plants - the death of families of generational shrimpers and fishermen’s livelihoods - the death of Coastline businesses dependent upon tourism and trade effects/affects Us All.  One System fails, and it weakens all of the others (we may be Rocks, but we are not Islands).  Threatens further destruction, and other unforeseen consequences and possible disasters.
The Oil Stone is cast into the wounded of Womb of the Earth’s Oceans, and the Land Creatures (Human Beings included) will moan, groan and Last Gasp.
BP decided to save money by refusing to install an expensive safety valve within their oil line which could have prevented the extent of this catastrophic event (wonder just how expensive that safety valve must seem to BP now?).  Yes, once again, foolish, short-sighted Greed won out.  And now Everyone and Everything will pay (and pay dearly on many levels) for many years to come.
The Echo of political and corporate propaganda being force fed to the overwhelmed and already sorely abused American Public of “Drill, Baby, Drill”, now has the false, deafening ring against Reason it always had for a greater number of people.  In fact, some of the folks so terribly affected/effected by this monumental disaster are the very people who had added their Voices to the misguided chant of “Drill, Baby, Drill”.
Why is it the Quirk of Human Nature that we must  be made to suffer before we finally choose to do what is Right for Everyone (not just the privileged Few).  To do what is Right for the Earth - for the very habitat that is our only Life Support.
Even the Sea Birds know better than to poop in their own Nests.
The Creatures of the Oceans and Coast Lands are screaming their death cries. While Human Beings continue to decide not to Focus their many Intelligences to resolve the issues our Modern Societies have regarding the discoveries, innovations and usages of safer sources and portals of Energy.
In the meantime, while we bicker and stalemate at the old reliable Hands and Parlor Games of Stalemate in order to maintain the destructive Status Quo of our present follies and iniquities we are destroying the very Environments that Sustain our Lives and Livelihoods.
Why ?  Because we place more Value on Money and Power than we do Planetary Life or Living in Balanced Harmony within the many Living Universes surrounding us.  We are not a Universe unto ourselves (despite our views to the contrary).  Our Human Universe is but one of Many, and Mother Nature will always find ways of reminding Us of that fact.
A Ripple Effect of Death has been given an unseemly Birth upon the Oil choked Gulf Coast of America.  Time and Circumstance are carrying the Dead Tides Inland.  What other Ecological and Economic Death Cries will arise ?  What other Amends and Restorative Efforts will be made ?
Oil !  Glug,glug !  Chug, chug !  Glug !  Chug !  Come on Everyone !  Breathe Deep !


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