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Among Daisies Among Daisies
by The Ovi Team
2010-06-07 08:22:30
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daisies01_400Ayla Mahler honours us with he last creation, a book of poems and artworks as an addition to our Ovi bookshelves.

Ayla Mahler describes her work:

My art & poems come from the bottom of my soul. As a citizen of the world, I feel the obligation to awaken the conscience of people worldwide to peace, love & hope. It may be that some artwork doesn’t match with what's customary by local standards, but I respect all of them and think that they all must be in this book without exclusion. We all live in the same time and in the same world. We all must walk forward and forget rancour, hate & anger to build a common future in peace.

Enjoy the book “Among Daisies”




For more books check the shelves of Ovi Bookshop.

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