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Easter 2010
by David Sparenberg
2010-06-03 08:36:00
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What does it mean
that the dead have arisen and walk again
What does it mean
that at the end of the rainbow
there will never again be a pot of gold
What does it mean
to climb the inverted tree of creation
and find oneself uprooted
by forever falling bombshells of history
To be transmogrified
from the crucifixion of time
to the cloistered bomb shelters of eternity
Knowing that we have no regard
for the children around and beyond us
or the Ancient
unburied among desperate elders
and the urban anxiety of dreamless lives
O all of these billions-blackholes ambulatory
sucking into our soulless cells
the coming hell of extinction
the monotonous white noise of nothingness
When all others are no more
and we waiting waiting purified by loneliness
in the tar pits of our shadows
in ash heaps without memories
The quickest road to death
is forgetfulness   Once and twice
and continuing routinely since I was “thrown”
we gave the name of Auschwitz
to human industry
 and of Hiroshima
to the imagination
What does it mean
to ask the matchstick of a question
knowing that those who
stare into the fire are blind
and those who listen
are screaming with madness
There is a single certainty: At our
speed as with similar forms of mushrooming cancers
eventually the nightmare ends
There will be no future
need for answers   No further questions

It is Easter morning.  There is haze and sunlight.
And the earth smells of rain.


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