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Searching for Tranquality
by Mitterand Okorie
2010-05-29 09:38:44
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Bruised pride
Nailed his hands on judgement’s cross
Long before he knew his infamy
The thought of facing the world
Produced a smothering fear
That rattled the walls of his belly
The thought of incinerated Jews
Became a nightmare he couldn’t wish away
For the day of reckoning was knocking of evil’s door
Hence, the only way out
Was to sign his execution order
And print a copy of his own obituary note
Thus in the presence of his cherished mistress
He drank the fatal hemlock
No longer comfortable with the whips of life
Hitler searched for tranquillity
And found it in the embrace of death

The death of a beloved Mother
Became an albatross too scourging
For the greatest designer Britain ever saw
Life offered him riches and misery alike
But it seemed—wealth wasn’t enough to live for
And tranquillity can only come from within
That was something money couldn’t buy
A sedative pain—no sedative pill could suppress
Agony unleashes a storm of dizzy realities
Hypothermia of the soul—it suffocates
And leads you to a deafening desperation
To regain your sanity
Alexander McQueen thus found this tranquillity
In the killer tablet
The last design of the designer
Became a suicide not


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