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Urgent: International Action on Somalia
by Hezron H.N Nyawachi
2010-05-23 08:56:37
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A South Korean super tanker with US $170 million worth of oil aboard has been ceased together with its 24 crew have all been taken captive by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean coast. Said to be headed for the US from Iraq, the Samho Dream had 2 million barrels of oil aboard.

President Barack Obama has inherited a policy from his predecessor of ‘limited diplomatic and military help’ to the TFG, but a good question policy wonks are asking everywhere is what are contingency plans in place if and when the TFG collapses.

Reports doing rounds in international media of a possible increased footprint in the Horn of Africa. This is simply ‘americanising’ an already worse relation-the TFG has been associated  enough with the West, and this will surge the influence and power of Islamists weaken TFG. The Associated Press has carried reports that the Pentagon may station drones- the pilot-free MQ-9 Reaper in the Horn of Africa for surveillance and targeting of al-Shabab leaders.

The Ethiopian invasion after the routing of the Union of Islamic Courts and the subsequent 2 year occupation, the US was perceived to have been behind the Ethiopian march on Mogadishu. All the crimes committed against Somalis by the Ethiopian army as rape, kidnappings, indiscriminate shelling against civilians that to this day have not been accounted for were blamed on the US by the suffering public and this anti-American sentiment alone built up the al-Shabab from grass to brass.

Now policy makers in Washington would be worried at the suggestions that the US wants to ratchet up her dronehold in the region for the simple reason that this will be the final nail in the coffin of the TFG with the opposite effect of increased support for Hizbul al-Islam and al-Shabab.

Attacks against the Presidential Palace will result in casualties for AMISOM, reconciliation will be made even harder, and sadly, the hyenas fanning conflict in Somalia will vulture around the conflict to advance their selfish aims.

Somalis channel millions of dollars into Kenya some of which buy real estate and weapons

Somalia is a problem not just for East Africa but for the world. If this war was in Europe or in North America, it would not go on without an active international press and international action.

In the wake of the defeat of the Soviet Union’s red army in Afghanistan in1979, a retired Afghan general wrote in 1996 thus: ‘a guerrilla war is not a war of technology against peasantry. Rather it is a contest of endurance and national will. The side with the greatest moral commitment will hold the ground. Tactics for conventional war will not work’.

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