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Peel Peel
by Abigail George
2010-05-25 07:12:32
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Peel away the layers like the skin of an onion
thighs, hair, teeth, physical body, lips that chant
and enchant – this is Eunace the kitchen girl

She makes lopsided grins and conversations,
grimaces and denials - where does she come from?
Motherwell, Port Elizabeth; the friendly, windy city.

She melts my heart, my consciousness
Although it is subtle, generous, soul-defying,
it is a set wooden mask - only temporary

She is an old, yet mighty African queen,
an African dreamer, an African angel cleaning,
polishing the floor under my kitchen table

While I say nothing, while I communicate nothing
she goes about her work with a harmonious high-spiritedness.
She is sprightly and commanding; her art is not to fail at her duties.

I can’t take back what I now regret saying in a heated moment
Six word stories, two sentences stories that spilled,
that floated like hovering bullets in the air seeking impact.

Her self is living proof of stoicism,
practicalities, subterfuge and sabotage;
she knows her limitations well

I hug the memory of her smile to my chest
I hold my thoughts of her in high esteem
Nothing that I know of diminishes her daily bravery.

I know when death comes to visit this harbinger
it will be like a thief in the night;
It gives me a simple peace of mind.

It will carry her away to paradise without warning
Her memory will prevail, endure and persevere
like the battle studies of war.


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