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A Corpse Flower In Bloom
by David Barger
2010-06-15 07:51:07
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Judge’s gavel strikes punishment
Hurtling coaster off wooden placement,
And the prison releases their less offensive criminals:

Same day our town receives a new face;
A man convicted of five counts of rape
Against two young boys whose ages
Together total legal limitations for drinking alcohol.

You’ve come to the wrong place.
You -
Whose heart abides in no man’s land.
Here -
In a town ripe of children within your age limits.

I will not stand idle
While your mind plots,
Twisting reality into screams;
Churning milk too early for produce!

I will not allow any child
Under the pastels of mine eyes
To taste the venom of such bite;
That to this day swirls under my skin.

Your wager has been displayed.
You -
Leaving cards ripped and torn.
Here -
The gambling has higher weight!

I do not believe
Lips that brush words lightly
Where blame is placed on those
Who have aligned your mind in madness.

No child under this watch
Will ever know the smell of a corpse flower in bloom.
No child under this watch
Will ever have tears discarded and memories stretched thin.
Yet, every child under this watch
Is aware of your presence though you hide in plain sight,
And every child under this watch
Will know the serum of anti-venom bubbled in these veins.
Vengeance hangs low in the sky! 

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Crazy Lady2010-06-15 21:12:24
I pray we can keep your promise.

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