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Shadowing the Sun Shadowing the Sun
by David Barger
2010-05-20 07:16:49
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Asphalt sizzles with steam
Floating towards heavens’ gate,
And the ground opens up
Wishing to speak of one last tale
From a time when mountains
Were merely pebbles roaming about:

A seed, descendant of the west,
Flowered through decades of growth
Finalizing stability of eastern shore
Leans smile wide like the stars.
Hope sprouted in green vines
This spread across the fertile land
Reaching under the salt of earth and water;
Perhaps to remerge the fault lines
Once divided in the days of Pe’leg -
Restructure the continents including
Every nation under rulers and kings,
And rebuild the tower of Babel
That every tongue will bend in convenient speech
Leaving a mark shadowing the sun,
And the seed would turn wild within a kingdom
By no other needs than his own
Leaving the less noble to ponder such cause.
Breadcrumbs saturated turned into wine,
And toadstools crushed in ceramic bowls
Became liquidation of milk seeping honey.
Abandon the green grass to rough dust
Scattered along the arms of approaching winds
Where leaves wither and water is consumed
Hidden beneath salt beds - shroud of ice,
And the hand of God fell silent
As the mouth of God was sealed by man’s vengeance!
The seed’s roots drank deep of fossil fuels
Burning turban and cowboy hats alike
In the linger of darkness coated in peace;
Clearing the earth like a pollen spore
To drift aimless among the invisible things.

The ground closes hot, gelled by asphalt,
And a lone dandelion turns facing
A hovering bristle toned thorn bush.
It was all just a story, a tall tale, right?    
Thorn bush covers its laughter.
Sure. Just a story like a dream turned upside down.
Now, close your eyes and sleep. 

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David Barger2010-05-20 19:18:24
"A coloring book untouched by a child is the same as poetry without figurative language or speech." - David Barger, Titanium Bound Writings

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