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Female Laughter Female Laughter
by David Barger
2015-08-22 11:37:33
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smi_400Male red-breasted robins
Collide in midflight.
It is spring and the battle for love
Fills the open heavens;
The two birds whisk a feet
Away from my face
(Which all are caught off guard)
As they touch ground
Flutter in a dance of circles -
Bounce over wooden fence
(That is in need of a new coat of stain)
And skip off into the distance.
The female robin watches
Somewhere out of my sight,
And she must be laughing
At the way these two fight
As gladiators would have done so
Knowing in some form
That she is the intended prize.
Ah, young love -
The structure of raw unbridled passion,
And still in the end the female has the last laugh!

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