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Don't invite me Don't invite me
by Mitterand Okorie
2010-05-12 08:06:51
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Hold your fire
You would need it on a winter morning
Do not push me
Into the claws of putrid opulence
Where the road reeks of charred ash
And secreted remnants of a misled soul
Deceived by your fallacious promises
The banquet that was supposed to change his life
Became a guillotine that decapitated his hopes
I want no such wealth—don’t invite me

Catch the brakes
Unlock the doors—I am getting out of this ride
This lane is not mine
I am a child born out of excruciating pains
Of an African Mother
Why then should I choose to duck?
From the perils of a dark world
I embrace my reality—they are mine
Spare me your homily of unmerited affluence
The god of my ancestors forbid
The aroma of questionable wealth
Don’t invite me
To the coronation of thieves
Don’t invite me
To the canonization of rapists
Don’t invite me
Into the company of treasury looters
Don’t invite me
To dance in the midst of hope killers
Don’t invite me
To dignify the words of fools with a response
Don’t invite me
To drink in the company of sadists
Whose minds are filled with lies
Whose hands are raised in perjury
Don’t invite me
I won’t come!


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A-Gonzaga2010-05-12 08:37:22
They mustn't invite me, too. 'Cause I won't come fo'sure! Nice stuff, Mitt.

O-Mitterand2010-05-12 11:11:45
Theirs is a banquet of infamy; their houses--golgota. I won't come!

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