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Disappearing by the beast
by Moustafa Al Yassin
2018-04-17 07:25:37
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He disappeared in the knowledge of the revolution of the breast
equalling  with all being Spartacus
rising the voice  of love
over the touching table of the last supper

beast01_400empty me I will empty you
what will help
each fingerprint on the glass equal with to your being
for the chance and possibility
still I do search

I connect the corner of the struggler
by the window of the traveller
and I find a glowing river
a glowing river

Two seconds you have to drown with me
in the eye of love
and if you can not see me in this sentence
glow in the river behind me

this scheme might have a straight  thought
and a little bird can arrive to the garden
of your house
traveller may be this bird

or may he is coming to stay forever
or  may he is coming to make a new swing
of Damascus, feeling in your old testament

grapefruit is the hand that can reserve the first storm from the ocean
and we are the first who can listen to the seabird screaming
from nowhere understanding the storm
from nowhere understanding the ocean

but we travel and we sing
and we always go somewhere
and we come back somewhere

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