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May 2010 choices May 2010 choices
by The Ovi Team
2010-05-01 08:46:16
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Our choices for May 2010's blog, site and photo of the month:

Blog of the month: an unfinished person (in this unfinished universe)

The title of this blog is inspired by the quote by the late Dr. George Sheehan, “Each one of us is an unfinished person in an unfinished universe.” The primary purpose of this blog is to serve as a portal into one unfinished person’s life, especially through three elements of not only who he is, but who we all are.


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Site of the month: Metanexus Institute

The Metanexus Institute, founded in 1997, promotes the transdisciplinary approach to research and education about the most profound questions of nature, culture, and the human person. Metanexus serves an ever-growing network of locally-acting, globally connected scholars, researchers, teachers, students, and ordinary citizens committed to exploring our world from a rich diversity of intellectual, cultural, and spiritual perspectives. Metanexus conducts innovative research projects, hosts international conferences, holds engaging lectures, and publishes an award winning e-magazine, the Global Spiral. More than 11,000 creative and visionary people from over 40 countries have participated directly in our programs, and our online publication garners more than 280,000 page views per year.

Our key interests include the development of rigorous transdisciplinary methodologies, the question of the possibility of the unity of knowledge, the constructive engagement of science and religion, the quest for wholeness, and ultimately the transformation of the university to restore the pursuit of wisdom to the center of its mission. We like to say that we’re “seeking the whole story of the whole cosmos for the whole person.”



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and Photo of the month: nature talking



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