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Happy Mother's Day - The Hand That Rocks the Cradle
by Jack Wellman
2010-05-09 09:33:12
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motheranddaughter_400Below is a Mother’s Day poem in tribute to moms everywhere. The title of this article/poem says it all, but who actually wrote these words? The words are a little out of context, but they are certainly true. The author who originally wrote these words was William Ross Wallace (1819-1881). In fact, the actual wording was an excerpt from the poem that Mr. Wallace wrote called, “What Rules the World”. The line from which this famous saying actually reads, “….the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”
There is no more profound truth that this, and being a father and a grandfather, I have no jealousy at all, for mother’s deserve this fitting tribute. I have such respect for motherhood and hold these selfless women in highest regard and esteem. A mother’s love is so essential to life. Children can actually die from a lack of love, the same as animal babies can too. Even adults can shrivel up and die, inside at least, without love, particularly a mother’s love. A mother’s hand is the preeminent hand that affects history. So here is what I hope a fitting tribute to mothers and a tribute to their sacrificial labor of love.


Mothers rule the world,
and fathers may be jealous.
But when hunger pain or skinned up knee,
what clearly does this tell us?
She always has the time for us,
her tender mercies show.
With love this is not quick to judge,
even to Death Row.
This special bond resembles love,
Christ Jesus’ of the Father.
With feedings up at two AM,
no sign that this does bother.
She cooks, she cleans, she sews, she mends,
and gives the best advice.
Yet no one seems to notice her,
or the endless sacrifice.
Many years and trails of tears,
her children grown too soon.
But even when they’re gone and grown,
they think she hung the moon.
So here’s to mothers everywhere,
regarding self not of,
Your unconditioned labor,
a labor made of love.


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Jack Wellman2016-05-07 22:10:09
May God bless mother's everywhere!

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