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Have the Government Wars Replaced the Cultural Wars ?
by Leah Sellers
2010-04-29 10:36:25
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Have the Government wars replaced the Cultural wars ?  (Is there an redundant echo in this Chamber of Thought ?)
This question posed by some political journalists and news talk show hosts (as of late) is inherently faulty.
Why ?

The Government, in principle (and in action), is supposed to be representative of its Culture - its Individual Citizens - the Conscious-Unconscious (and in some cases the Unconscious-Conscious) of the Collective Societal Nation.  The Government, in principle (and in action), is supposed to Reflect the various views, issues, attitudes, strengths, weaknesses, Light and Shadow Selves of We the People.
We the People Vote.  We Choose our Governmental representatives.  We the People, through our Vote, give flesh and bone and breathe Life into Our Government through Choice.  Individual Choices.  Collective Choices.  To Vote is to Choose.  To Vote is to direct the Course - the Pathways of the Nation - of Our Lives.
When We the People Vote (or don't Vote) - when We the People make daily Choices (or Choose not to Choose) - We (in many ways great and small) simultaneously Choose and Manifest Our Collective Societal Culture.
We the People make Decisions every day which create and destroy the molecules or gross, mechanical body parts of Our Collective Societal Culture.  Our Choices make Our Government - Our Collective Societal Culture move and shake - rock ’n roll.
When We the People criticize the Government We criticize our Collective Societal Culture.  We criticize Ourselves.  When We the People cheer the Government We cheer our Collective Societal Culture.  We Cheer Ourselves.
The Government is a comfortable/uncomfortable Journey to and through the Looking Glass of We the People and Our Collective Societal Culture (whether We the People like what We See or not).
When We the People shake our Blaming Fingers and say, “Straighten up and fly right or you’ll all be saying goodnight”, We are announcing and pronouncing that very same benediction upon Ourselves.
When We the People shake our bony, punitive Blaming Fingers at the Government and say you’re too Big - too intrusive - too demanding - too unpredictable, unreliable and untrustworthy - too greedy, arrogant, narcissistic and uncaring.  We the People are acknowledging and casting the Light of questioning, knowledgeable Awareness upon deep Shadow Truths within Our very own Collective Societal Culture.
Tit for tat and tat for tit
The Blaming Finger will forever shake and shift
But, never fear !  The questioning and analyzing debates which arise from Collective Societal Cultural provocations and prevarications are important - are vital !
Every Collective Societal Cultural Phoenix cyclically Rises from its own Ashes to Fly in blazing glory towards other Inspirations, Aspirations and astounding Future Creations.
We the People are capable of a myriad of magnificently productive future global revelations and conflagrations, as well as destructive, annihilistic global horrors.
We the People - Our Governments - Our Collective Societal Cultures are endlessly struggling, haggling, groping, grasping, attempting and striving to make some sort of Sense - Common Sense of Change - of Our varying Realities.  As We the People grow - as We acquire Knowledge, Wisdom and Life Experiences We Change - We vary Our Realities.  We become an amalgamation of Changes and Realities great and small - destructive and Constructive.
The Alchemical Key to dealing with it all is Grace.  Is seeking and understanding the Ebb and Flow of things.  The Balance - the ‘moderation in all things’ - the middle ground.  A place not weighed down and made listlessly cumbersome by too much Stasis nor made chaotic and unintelligibly unmanageable by too much Dynamism.
The rumblings and grumblings of We the People, Our Governments, Our Collective Societal Cultures may feel dangerous and out of control (and at times they may well be so).  But they are also vitally important for the processes of Enlightened Growth and Revelation to occur.  Rumblings and grumblings move Us toward our Higher and/or Baser Selves.  Force Us to identify and deal with our Higher and/or Baser Selves.  Make us take account of and responsibility for who (what, when, how, why and where) We are, and who (what, when, where, how, and why) We are not.  Our rumblings and grumblings are Our growing pains.
The Question then becomes do We Relate to and Choose to Become the magnificent  ever-changing, ever-questing, ever-creating Phoenix or Relate to and Choose to Become the Ashes left behind ?  Dead, cold Ashes bereft of the Living Spirit and Energies of the Phoenix already taken flight (whether We decided to take flight with the Phoenix or not) ?
The Phoenix must always challenge, analyze and pick over its own Ashes to understand what (when, where, how and why ) it is - what (when, why, how and where) it came from - what (where, how, why and when) it can Will itself to Become.  The Phoenix must immerse its Conscious-Unconscious within its Ashes and come to terms with and fully Understand and embrace its Light and Shadow Selves before it can effectively take flight.
For it is the History of We the People.  We must Choose to Look back and insightfully ponder the complexly intricate Workings of things in order to See beyond and out toward something Greater. The Greater Dreams and Manifestations of Ourselves - Our Governments - Our Collective Societal Cultures.
The Phoenix is a Creature of the Air - the Ethers - of Earth-Fire and Ash. As are We the People.  Our Ashes contain Our Life's manure (waste) and fertilizers (revitalizers).

Quizzically rummaging through Our Ashes can prove to be a very productive and positive growth related exercise, if We allow it to be.  As usual, the Choices are Ours.
After all, We the People - We are the Government - We are the Collective Societal Culture.  We are all connected and interconnected (like it or not).  We are even the ever present barometrical Blaming Finger.
We are the Questions as well as the Questioners and the Questioned !
From whom do We hide Individually and Collectively ?  Ourselves ?  With whom do we abide Individually and Collectively ?  Ourselves ?

Our Governments - Our Collective Societal Cultures are but simultaneously spontaneous Looking Glass Dreams and Manifestations of Our ever-Changing, warring and/or peaceful Selves.

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