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Maltese report Maltese report
by Euro Reporter
2010-04-15 07:49:08
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Michael Jackson fans greet La Toya

Michael Jackson fans greeted his sister La Toya with enthusiasm when she called at The Point this evening. A small crowd of people of all ages waited for the singer, carrying Michael Jackson pictures and books for her to sign.

La Toya, herself a popular singer, arrived at The Point in a white limo and was shown around the newly-opened mall before posing for pictures with the fans and chatting with them, including some with whom she had already exchanged correspondence.


Court orders destruction of counterfeit sandals, sportswear

A court has ordered the destruction of 2,520 pairs of counterfeit sandals whose importation violated the intellectual property rights of Nike International Ltd. The company had filed its case against Al Zwetina Shipping A/C North Africa Shipping Sanna Mehidly before Mr Justice Raymond C Pace in the First Hall of the Civil Court. Nike International Ltd told the court that the sandals had been imported into Malta by ship and were destined for transhipment. The Comptroller of Customs suspected that they were counterfeit and had confiscated them.

The company added that it owned the trademark “Nike” and “Swoosh Design”. The sandals which were counterfeit all bore these distinctive marks. Mr Justice Pace ruled in favour of Nike International Ltd and ordered the Comptroller of Customs to destroy the sandals within three months. In another judgment the same court ordered the destruction of over 4,000 items of sportswear after concluding that they were counterfeit and in violation of the trademark owner’s rights.

Adidas International Marketing BV and Adidas Salomon AG told the court that Algerian company Natixis Algerie had imported 4,680 counterfeit sports trousers bearing the trademark “Adidas”. This action, they said, was in violation of their rights as the owners of the trademark and its distinctive mark. Mr Justice Pace found in favour of the trademark owners and ordered the Comptroller of Customs to destroy the trousers within three months.


Thief given chance to reform

Melvin Pace, 24, was today placed under probation for three years and fined €470 after he admitted to stealing almost €1,400 worth of gold jewellery from his mother's partner in 2007. The court said it had considered that the accused had led a difficult life. His upbringing had not given him any advantages, although it was not wise to elaborate in public.

The accused had sold the gold items for some €500 in order to buy food, the court observed. It added that the accused was currently following a Caritas programme to enable him to rebuild his life, and, the court said, it was accepting the probation officer's advice to impose a long supervision period.

"It is up to the accused to keep to the straight and narrow and to appreciate what others are doing for him," the court said. He was however ordered to pay back the value of the jewellery as soon as he had the money.

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