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Sarah's tea and mystery
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-13 08:00:06
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And she’s back, that if she had ever gone and of course I’m talking about Sarah Palin who has managed to squeeze into headlines again. Actually this makes you realize how big problem the Republican party must have if six-pack Sarah has found her way back.

I think for an outsider to US politics has always been impressive the amount of money spent I anything politicians do. I mean Sarah Palin is not one of the cheap guests and she’s not exactly the volunteer type as she has already proved in many occasions in the past. So how much she’s getting paid to play a role? And has she done politics a profitable profession in most cynic way exchanging the reputation she built during the last campaign? Of course behind all those the big question remains why she resigned her Alaskan governorship and if she planning to campaign for the next presidential elections.

I have to admit that none of the excuses she gave for her resignation seem good one, on the contrary what she did after her resignation don’t comply her reasoning. She said she wanted to spent more time with her family and the same time she hasn’t stop travelling around, she said that she needed time and she wrote an autobiography targeting a specific political crowed and definitely a lot of pockets. She decided to drink tea from west to east and in the meantime she gave a real meaning to the theory of partisan politics. The same time she cleaned up the horizon from old foes and friends inside the Republican party leaving for example Mitt Romney looking like a soft opportunist and the former presidential candidate McCain as past story never to come back.

So Sarah Palin is touring around talking about the good old days when the enemy was the liberals crypto-communists like Barack Obama and McCarthy with a little help from his friend Ronald Reagan was filling long lists with suspects and all that while drinking a steaming Earl Grey tea! In the meantime her bank account is fulfilled in an hours work with the same amount some people earn in a year and all that …drinking tea!

If she will be candidate for the next presidential elections? All depends on the reasons she resigned her governmental post. At the moment I have the feeling that she found the goose with the golden eggs in the structure of the American political life and she exploring it the best possible way. The amazing thing about it is that she can do it for as long she likes. By now it is very clear what Sarah Palin represents - the patriot or the fascist depends where you stand – and is very clear the type of audience she’s going to attract. And the salary she makes is good, in some cases she makes over 20k for an hour speech only. Amazing money that the Joe six-pack she’s often referring will never see.

But then again power is stronger aphrodisiac than money and the presidential post has a lot of power. But then again we are returning to the first question, why did she resign? If she resigned because she felt that the timing was good to explore her new fame then why stop doing so and sacrifice it for the glory, after all in a few years she’s going to make more money than she would ever had done as president or presidential candidate. Was it a sex or a financial scandal as the rumours wanted it in the first days of her resignation? In the era of total information something like that would have been unbelievable, I can just see all the main blogs making headlines if there was something like that, even if there was a suspicion for a sex or financial scandal.

What remains is the confirmation that the Republican party is in deep trouble and that Sarah Palin remains a mystery!

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