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Artem was Russian not from Malawi!
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-10 10:11:36
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The story is that an American woman, a 34 year-old nurse name Torry-Ann Hansen went all the way to Russia and specifically to Vladivostok and adopted a 6 year-old boy from an orphanage; changing his name and taking him to Tennessee USA to offer him a family, a better future and stability. What he gave him a year after in an one way ticket back to Russia, some biscuits, a pack of colour pens and a letter to the authorities that she didn’t want him anymore!

boy01_400Socking? Unbelievable? I have no words to describe it and I kept reading and r4eading the article and I couldn’t believe it. Of course the newspapers have the full story but the only thing I can think of this minute is that this woman should have never gone to Russia but travel to Malawi where as Madonna has shown the collection is bigger, the choices better; a bit more expensive – Madonna had to build a school in exchange for two kids – but the choices definitely better! I’m sorry for my cynicism but how else you can deal with the whole thing?

Do you know or better can you imagine any kid that lives in an orphanage that is not dreaming a real family and wouldn’t like the chance to feel a family and much more a six year-old kid? The woman before adopting the child she went through examinations and tests and of course she spent time with the little boy and for crying out loud she is a damn nurse. I’m saying all that because she had given a letter to the boy to give to whoever would be interest to read – amazing that this thing happened – and in this letter she’s accusing the social workers in Russia for misleading her by passing her a child with serious psychological problems and violent character that endangered her and her family! And the nurse didn’t see al that when she spent time with the boy.

But this freaky story has just too many thin edges. The boy travelled alone all the way from Tennessee to Washington and after changing planes all the way to Russia …alone! Nobody noticed anything, nobody gave a damn. Not the airport security, not the US immigration, not the airlines, not the airhostess nobody! Absolutely nobody gave a damn for a seven-year old that travels alone with a letter to …whoever concern! Well oboy02_400bviously Madonna has trained them all too well! And is not only Madonna, she was just the pioneer, how many Hollywood celebrities have adopted children from all around the world? I suppose that’s a sign that there are no orphans in USA and Europe! In USA all the kids are happy, fed and educated from happy happy families and Oliver Twist belongs only in the literature and not the street of New York! But this is another story. Damn this Russian boy has woken up so many different issues!

Let’s see, what the Russians will do is one thing with their priority to take care for the boy, this is a seriously traumatised seven year-old, rejected the worst possible way and he will need a lot of help to soften the wound if it ever softens. But the question is what the American authorities will do? From the mother to the immigration officials and the airlines they are all guilty for child abuse. This is not a question anymore, they abused the worst possible way a seven year old and they should be punished all of them. Regarding Torry-Ann Hansen the US authorities and especially the social services should start with taking from her, her kid – she has already one and she’s a single mother – since she proved that she’s incapable to be a mother. The punishment for child abuse should be serious and exemplary and for crying out loud somebody should stop all those irresponsible Madonnas for giving this example of behaviour.

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David Barger2010-04-10 19:08:49
My first question is this: What did she do to try and help this boy before sending him out into the world alone? I gree with you that she should have seen something wrong when she had visitations with him prior to adopting the boy. Overall, he is not a toy that is bought at a store and just because he is not exactly what she was ready for - to return him like a discarded package. I am surprised that this went down - well, a little surprised. People need to wake up and if something doesn't seem right then step up as a human being and take the actions to see the wrong righted. This is a terrible shame on all that were involved. No matter what the boy's problems were she should have taken any step in getting him help (if he even has a problem)and never sent him back to Russia with just a letter - many times people just continue to show the world how evil we truely can become. I hope some kind of investigation is being done, is there or was that the end of it?

David Barger2010-04-10 23:29:11
I did read this entire story from a newspaper article here in the US. It seems a very sad tale. This boy had drawn a picture of the woman's house burning down, and tried to hit his aunt with a 3 pound object - to me the adults never even tried to put themselves into this boy's shoes. He has no family, was in an orphanage, and then sent to a different country to live with a new family - he was confused and probably very scared, I know I would have been. Adults guilty period! Again I say shame on them!!

Renee2010-04-11 21:18:10
I don't see what Madonna adopting two kids from Malawi has to do with this story. As far as I am aware Madonna is raising two healthy and apparently happy kids.

This Hansen woman was obviously not fit to be a mother to any child - whether Russian or American. Would it have been any better if she had adopted an American kid from a different state and sent him alone by plane to that state?

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