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Moustafa Al Yassin's "Nothing between me and here" Moustafa Al Yassin's "Nothing between me and here"
by Thanos Kalamidas
2010-04-09 08:00:06
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moustafa01_400 The poet and painter Moustafa Al Yassin is a personal friend and I felt honoured when he gave me his poems – translated in English – to do something with them! This something was a mystery mainly for him since from the first moment I knew that what we had to do with his poems was a digital book – to start with – so we could see his work more complete.

The result you can see it straight away and is just one click between here and Ovi bookshop where you can download the book in PDF format.

Enjoy the poetry, the feelings that spout from all the verses and travel all the way from the eastern desert to the northern lights.


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Alan2010-04-09 09:24:27
Excellent work

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