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Haiti SOS January 2010 Haiti SOS January 2010
by Abigail George
2010-03-29 07:52:23
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Here hope floats and is disguised

In every civilian even in heartache,

In brokenness, in helping hands

That reaches out of the ground or in the air.


Bone chilling cold, stench rising

Beneath eddies of reddish dust,

As rescue teams search to and fro

For survivors - another day comes to an end.


Smart scientists say earthquakes

Are elemental, particles of light

Hit the ground, turn from gold

To moon-dance midnight black.


There is no more joy here,

No more laughter from children

No more smiles, innocence, purity

That holds you from every child’s stare.


It is like winter in a war zone

Tranquil seawater, match point,

stone wives, fat, squalling babies

Reminding us that nothing in life is permanent.


Living from day to day

in a sea of dirty bodies

In an urban jungle, decay, a slum,

rubbish, grime – souls are transfixed.


No longer a country freed from the way

society treats its children;

No longer splendid life but locked

in a brutal and sad battle for humanity.


Once again it is history in the making

Everything is not simple in black and white

Death is darkness visible, shadows rising

Daily there are choices to be made, one life to live.


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