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Time Heals All Wounds
by G. David Schwartz
2010-03-30 08:20:40
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Time heals all wounds
I have heard it said
And while that’s that’s
It stops when you are dead
Time is also a jet plane
Which means it goes too fast
So it heals all wounds
Just as it goes past

Brody Is A Young One  (I Am Proud To Say, My Grandson)
G David Schwartz
Brody is a young one
Yet every girl loves him
I do know when he grows
He’ll get a lot of kiss
My friend at the hospital
Is an accomplished nurse
But when she looked at him
I swear she began to purr
So I show his photo out to everyone
And after they ask is he not a lot of fun
I reply he surely is a magnet
and I’m proud to be his favorite pet

How Far
G David Schwartz
How far from the hill is the well
How far from the well is the school bell
And how far  from the bell is
My next door neighbors house
How long is the well rope
And how far to school
And how far, I will ask
Is that stupid house
I do know, I’ll never know
I wont tell, I’ll never tell
And thing to the whishing well

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