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Are you a Genius?
by Asa Butcher
2010-03-26 07:33:25
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"The distance between insanity and genius is measured only by success."

Have you ever been struck by an idea that you believe could change the world? Has your moment of genius then been diluted by the realisation that it is impractical or too wild to ever be taken seriously? Well, here is your chance to pitch your ideas, talk through all the funny aspects and repercussions of how it might work and maybe even demonstrate its benefits to a national television audience.

genius_logo The BBC know that it’s not just the British coming up with big ideas, so this year they have introduced "Global Genius" and are now seeking submissions from all over the world. "Global Genius" is the BBC's follow-up to last year's "Genius" and the show's producers have contacted Ovi because they believe our magazine "attracts many bright readers with clever and crazy ideas" - exactly the sort of people they need.

I know you are asking, "What are these clever and crazy ideas?" Well, here are a few from the last series:

·         The two hooded coat: For protecting your date from the rain

·         Placing prisoners on exercise bikes attached to the national power grid

·         Build weighing scales into shoes so you can watch your weight on the go

·         Fizzy Onion Juice

·         Virtual reality headsets for chickens

I am sure one or two of you are becoming a little excited at the prospect of finally sharing your idea with an eager public, so here are some further details. The show is now accepting submissions via the website http://bbc.co.uk/genius and filming of the new six-part series will begin in May, so do not delay!

You can find a YouTube video subtitled in Finnish from the show's returning host and award-winning comedian Dave Gorman here.

For more information:

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Asa2010-03-26 09:02:21
Dear MENSER, I think I am a genious...


A-Gonzaga2010-03-26 09:15:46
Thanks for this, Asa. I am a fan. And I think I have one or two ideas to try out :).

Jack2010-03-30 00:43:30

How about a Micro-Freeze (nitrogen can be a beautiful thing)

and Deer Whistle Highway Reflectors (induced by the wind)

Just a thought.

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