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Cyprus report Cyprus report
by Euro Reporter
2010-03-24 07:35:49
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Government takes a pay cut

Cabinet members and government officials have voluntarily accepted a cut in their salaries their earnings by 10%, as a gesture to boost the economy of the island, by trimming state spending. The decision was announced by President Christofias, who gave a press conference on the two years of administration. Christofias said that a 10 percent reduction in annual earnings would be applicable to the President, the cabinet, the Undersecretary to the President, the Government Spokesman, the Presidential Commissioner and the President’s Office Director.

He noted that the 10 percent cut would be calculated on annual earnings from salaries and other benefits. Christofias expressed hope that the example will be followed by other officials such as the House President and the MPs. Christofias said that the work of his government so far has been remarkable, especially under the adverse conditions due to the world financial crisis and assured that “we will all together face the challenges, with seriousness and collectedness, and we are determined to succeed and we will succeed,” he added. He also noted that 2010 will be a difficult year as 2009 was, noting that the government is fully aware of the difficult situation and is sharing the people’s worries, but has the knowledge, experience, determination and capability to tackle this crisis.
Moreover, he said that the government aims at making Cyprus a regional education centre and a centre for the provision of health services, as well as a centre of foreign investments.

He added that “we are further strengthening the relations of the Republic of Cyprus with the countries of the Middle East and the Arab World, as well as with major financial powers as Russia and China.” Christofias noted that the government implemented on time a series of measures to reduce the repercussions from the crisis and is ready to take more measures.  He said that these measures amounting to 500 million euro targeted at maintaining the growth of the economy and had to do mainly with constructions’ and tourism sector.  The President said that Cyprus has lost a billion euro among others due to the reduction of tourist arrivals and the reduction of consumption. He noted that the goal of the government is that by the end of his term in office the public service will not become more numerous and cost more.


More suspects remanded in Tassos grave theft

The two new suspects in former president Tassos Papadopoulos’ grave robbery were remanded for six days in police custody on Tuesday. The men aged 32 and 28 both from Nicosia were detained after they were implicated in the crime by convict Antonis Prokopiou Kitas who is also under investigation for his involvement in the grave robbery.

According to Police Spokesman Michalis Katsounotos the suspects have also been implicated in a murder attempt that took place on December 25, 2009 against a 35-year old and a 32-year old in Tseri, outside Nicosia.


Fishermen harassed by regime ‘police’

Two fishermen Tuesday reported that they were harassed by members of occupied ‘marine police’ off the coast of Ayia Triada. According to the fishermen, they were approached by a patrol boat in open water while net fishing in the government-controlled areas.

The vessel began to circle their small fishing boat in a threatening manner and creating waves. Fearing that their boat would be capsized they fled the area and then saw the ‘marine police’ collect their nets before leaving.

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